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What Went Down At The Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition

The exclusive viewing for our readers saw several savvy collectors go starry eyed.

What Went Down At The Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition

Patek Philippe’s widely-lauded Watch Art Grand Exhibition saw it showcase countless timepieces from both its past and present collections. A few friends of A were given a special tour of the exhibition, at our exclusive partner event with Patek Philippe and Cortina watch on 30 September. And while there were plenty of stunning watches on display, there were a few specific pieces that caught the eyes of the savvy watch collectors in the group — namely, the six limited edition watches dedicated to Singapore that were specially created for the exhibition. After all, as the famous line goes, you never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the next generation. These historic creations from a masterful watchmaker would only be more valuable for future generations.

Shopping spree aside, the exhibition itself was a one-of-a-kind experience. Over 1,800 square metres at the Sands Theatre in Marina Bay Sands were converted into the exhibition ground that included rooms showcasing the craft of movements and rare handcraft demonstrations. Key pieces from the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva were curated for display, and other pieces were chosen to celebrate Singapore’s bicentennial year and to pay tribute to the Southeast Asian region. All of this explains why guests lingered on, with many staying to the very end of the showcase.

Nancy Low and Michelle Jiang
J.P. Cam
Icemichelle Chen
Laura Zhang
Vivien Wu and Ge Yumei
Sam Ho and Anthony Yong
Marie Wee, Laura Lim and Sharon Lim
Yeye and Jeffrey Choa
Sonia Ong, Nina Ng and Nancy Ong
Cherry Boekhorst
Clementine Wee, Laura Lim and Marilyn Lum
Micheal Lim and Maggie Chong
Jessie Ho-Thong and Laura Lim
Prita Leenheer, Shaik Emam and Jackie Chee
Andrea Che

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