Retrospective 2020: Tan Min Lan, Antoinette Patterson, Dennis Ye, Teodor Andius, Weiman Kow & Sim Bee Hia

2020 – the year we developed strength through suffering and became braver by reflection.

Retrospective 2020: Tan Min Lan, Antoinette Patterson, Dennis Ye, Teodor Andius, Weiman Kow & Sim Bee Hia
(From left) Tan Min Lan; Antoinette Patterson; Dennis Ye, Teodor Andius; Weiman Kow; Sim Bee Hia

Tan Min Lan, Antoinette Patterson, Dennis Ye, Teodor Andius, Kow Weiman and Sim Bee Hia reflect on the lessons of 2020, and how these will power them into the year ahead.

01 | Tan Min Lan, head of Chief Investment Office (Asia Pacific), UBS Global Wealth Management

“It’s not the most intelligent who will prevail but rather the ones who are most responsive to changes.”

Tan Min Lan leads a 50-strong team at UBS Global Wealth Management to advise clients on wealth and investment strategies and opportunities. She lets us in on the joys and struggles women face during WFH. Read her story here.   

02 | Antoinette Patterson, founder, Safe Space  

“The surge in number of users during Covid-19 drove us to pivot multiple times…from providing counselling through video calls to extending our service to B2B!”

Safe Space, which Antoinette Patterson started in 2019 while trying to seek therapy for burnout, has helped increased conversations about mental well-being and decreased its stigma. Read her story here.

03 | Dennis Ye & Teodor Andius, co-founders, Reality Detector

“I hope that what we do can help equalise opportunities between the minority who tend to overstate themselves and the minority who underestimate themselves.”

With a software that detects facial and body cues to identify deception in videos, Dennis Ye, Teodor Andius, Jiamin Bai and Nini Chang are poised to change the way we perceive truth (and untruth) forever. Read their story here.   

04 | Weiman Kow, founder, Comics for Good

“A teacher sent me a video of her students, who’d read my comics, washing their hands while singing Happy Birthday. I was so touched, I cried.”

Weiman Kow’s comics about Covid-19 have been translated into 43 languages, including Korean, Vietnamese and Portuguese. Her work is available free to use for schools, hospitals and NGOs through her website. Read her story here.

05 | Sim Bee Hia, CEO, Food from the Heart

“Food is not the solution to the multifarious problems faced by the needy but food can open up conversations about the areas for which they can seek help. And by enhancing our role as a connector, Food from the Heart can serve more people.”

Sim Bee Hia shares how, amid the challenges brought on by Covid-19, Food from the Heart bravely embraced the battles of digitisation – and why it will serve the team well in the years ahead. Read her story here.

The story first appeared in the December 2020 issue of A Magazine.

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