Mothers And Daughters Talk About Love Across Generations

How can love inspire one to be strong and resilient? Find out from these mother-daughter dream teams.

Sonia and Nancy OngMakeup by Angel Gwee, hair by Michael Chiew

01 | Nancy and Sonia Ong

Seemingly joined at the hip, this mother-daughter pair don’t just attend society parties together, they spend just as much time at home discussing art, fashion and jewellery.

“Harmony at home is important to me. I make it a point to have dinner with my family every week so we can maintain that sense of togetherness. Our conversations about art, fashion and jewellery help us to understand each other despite the differences in age, outlook, education and life experiences.”

“My mother and I hang out together a lot — if one is spotted without the other, friends would ask about the other. We also spend a lot of time with each other at home; it eats away at my conscience if I don’t, especially since I’m busy running several businesses. My mother keeps herself up to speed with fashion trends so she always has something interesting to talk about.”

Zeena Tan and Linda Soo-TanMakeup by Angel Gwee; hair by Zoel Tee

02 | Linda Soo-Tan and Zeena Tan

Linda’s creativity — as president of Ikebana International Singapore Chapter 135, she steers efforts to promote the art of traditional Japanese floral arrangement — has inspired her daughter Zeena, a lawyer, to pursue her love for photography.

“Zeena and I can spend all the time in the world talking to each other. That’s how we got through staying home during the circuit breaker period. I admire how she engages in conversations confidently, even with people she’s just met. I hope Zeena stays humble, kind and grateful. I’m very proud that she’s grown to become someone with a big heart, and regularly donates to the less fortunate.”

“My mother embodies resilience by greeting every challenge with dignity and grace. She is my pillar of strength, my fountain of wisdom and my biggest cheerleader. When I was studying abroad and felt homesick, she always lent a listening ear — that kept me going. The most empowering quote she’s shared with me was one by Eleanor Roosevelt: ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’ I want to tell her she is my favourite person in the world!”

Angela and Vanessa NgMakeup by Keith Bryant Lee; hair by Sean Ang

03 | Angela and Vanessa Ng

Vanessa might not have become a lawyer if it hadn’t been for her mother, Angela, who stood by her and helped convince her dad (who wasn’t for the idea of her pursuing law studies abroad). The ladies’ favourite bonding activity is cycling, which they enjoy every evening.

“I admire my daughter for her simplicity: she’s easygoing and good-natured. We enjoy each other’s company; my daughter lifts me up by being a good listening ear.”

“My mother is my role model because she always makes time and effort to treat people with care and compassion. I often turn to her for advice; she considers what’s best for me even if she knows it’s something I might not want to hear — that’s tough love.”

(Clockwise from top) Jacelyn, Micaela and Katerina LaiMakeup by Amy Chow; hair by Zoel Tee

04 | Jacelyn, Katerina and Micaela Lai

Self-described warrior Jacelyn is an involved parent to her four children, including psychology grad Katerina and aspiring lawyer Micaela. Her greatest wish is for them to overcome any challenges they face independently.

“My hope for my children is that they remain close and remember the times, both good and sad, we spend with one another. I can’t tell them how to lead their lives, but I believe they are sensible enough to make the right decisions.”

“My mother can do anything she puts her mind to. I especially admire her ability to turn something seemingly boring into something fun. One thing my mother did that changed my life was when I said I wanted to be a psychologist — she supported me all the way. There’s huge stigma surrounding mental health and some might not understand or recognise psychology as a career, but my mother came up with all these ideas on how I could develop professionally. She inspires me to do good for others.”

“When I face difficulties, I know I can turn to my mother. She’s very upfront and doesn’t beat around the bush. She gives advice that’s structured. My mother has inspired me to be kind. One reason she encouraged me to become a lawyer is so I can help others.”

Art direction by Catherine Wong; photography by Darren Gabriel Leow; fashion styling by Chia Wei Choong

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