New Year Goals

New Hopes For The New Year

Five friends of A Magazine tell us their vision for 2020.

New Hopes For The New Year
Social entrepreneur Christopher Wilson saves the sight of people in Cambodia through his collaboration with A New Vision.

The beginning of 2020 may have been plagued with misfortunes — from the flash floods in Jakarta to huge bushfires in Australia, Persian Gulf Crisis, Wuhan pneumonia and yes, Brexit is still pending. All the more, we’ll have to band together and set our visions right to make this year a good one after all. Think: If we don’t do something, nobody will.

These five friends of A Magazine tell us what they’ve set their sights on achieving for the year ahead and beyond. What’s your 20/20 vision?

Christopher Wilson, front row, third from left, with fellow volunteers and patients who have undergone the cataract operations brought to them by WAH Foundation, A New Vision and Tilganga Hospital

“In 2019, Water and Healthcare Foundation (WAH Foundation) collaborated with Tilganga Hospital, Nepal and A New Vision to carry out 347 cataract operations over three days in Kampong Chhnang province. In 2020, my vision is to give 20/20 vision to more people in Cambodia. Seeing is believing!”

Christopher Wilson, social entrepreneur and co-founder of WAH Foundation
Calvin Chan

“As we stand on the cusp of a new decade, my vision is for healthcare and medical aesthetics to continue making the technological and scientific advances that allow us, as a generation, to grow and age gracefully and well, with dignity, strength and vigour.”

Calvin Chan, doctor and medical director of Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic
Nada Jumabhoy with grandfather, Ameerali Jumabhoy

“I hope this year, the world gains discernment — to figure out when our media is being manipulated, to find out when our policies are being tweaked to serve a particular agenda — and that we go back to basic values of decency, honour and integrity.” 

Nada Jumabhoy, lawyer
Melissa Kwee

“I dream of a Singapore that is known to be a city of good, where people voluntarily gave of their time, talent and treasure with generosity. At the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), we aspire to build the “City of Good” vision and initiative for Singapore but it is not something that can be achieved by one individual or organisation. It takes collective effort to affirm the belief that we have always, in fact, been givers.

At the founding of Singapore, we looked out for each other and had to sacrifice for the greater good when food, peace and security were scarce. And we still do so today. It may be less visible and glossy, but all it takes is a people committed to changing the story and shifting mind sets.  A city of good can only be achieved when individuals, organisations and leaders come alongside and do likewise with their power and influence over the public arena.”

Melissa Kwee, social activist and CEO of NVPC
Sam Ho

“What goes around comes around. So I hope we all savour every minute that is the fruit of our deeds, and be mindful of our deeds as we commit them since we cannot rewind time once it has passed.”

Sam Ho, owner of Hydroprocessing Associates

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