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Food For Your Soul

At A Magazine, we’re grateful for the love and support we’ve received over the last one year. On our first anniversary, we’re paying it forward with lots of delicious treats.

Food For Your Soul

Food For Your Soul is our rendition of a charity food sale, with friends of A joining in the celebrations by sharing their cherished dishes and bakes, all of which will be made with love. All funds raised* through the sale of items will be donated to our partner beneficiary Beyond Social Services, a charity that has made it their mission to help break the poverty cycle.

To join us in this mouth-watering endeavour, simply scroll down for the list of home chefs and delectable foods. Place an order for what catches your fancy, then share the dishes with your loved ones.

Update: This campaign has ended. Stay tuned for our upcoming 2021 Pay It Forward intiatives.

*less any applicable government taxes

  • 1

    “Cooking is an expression of love for people I care. My love of exploring different types of food allows me to expand my cooking style. Food is a language that connects us.” – Fanty Soenardy, Homemaker and Food Expressionist

    Premium Bird’s Nest with Almond Cream
    at S$180 for 2 servings

  • 2

    Mother of 3 beautiful children, Handara is a home baker and cake artist featured on Atlas Handcrafted. Her delectable Ondeh-Ondeh Swiss Rolls consist a fluffy layer of Pandan goodness, Light Creme Fraiche and Gula Melaka Drenched Shredded Coconut.

    Ondeh-Ondeh Swiss Rolls at S$180 for set of 4 rolls

  • 3

    “With a busy practice, I don’t get the opportunity to cook or bake daily but I do love to carve out time to make something for my friends and family. Baking is also something my daughter Aiyana and I like to do together as it allows us to be creative. It is a wonderful bonding activity.” – Iroshini Chua, Doctor and Mother

    8-inch Vanilla Victoria Sponge Cake with fondant decor at S$180 Box of 16 Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes at S$130

    Order Here ⟶

  • 4

    “Cooking for me is a perfect way to relax. Whilst it feeds my curiosity about how different flavours and textures can come together in a recipe – it also feeds my family’s insatiable appetite. For me, the Circuit Breaker period will be forever etched by memories of “food love” being given away and being received back in kind!” – Jessie Ho-Thong, Lawyer and Avid Food Adventurer

    Nasi Lemak Cake at S$180 (serves 4 to 5 pax)

    8-inch Pandan Chiffon Cake at S$130

  • 5

    “I bake to feed people I love. Having something sweet is also the best way to end a meal. I like being able to help provide that finish.” – Nada Jumabhoy, Lawyer

    SOLD 8-inch Carrot Cake at S$150

  • 6

    “As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been surrounded by cooks. Still, only after starting my first job did I foster an interest in cooking, eventually turning into a passion that burns till today. I especially love experimenting, like adding a slight twist to a traditional dish.” – Keith Moss, Entrepreneur and Food Enthusiast.

    A meal set for 2 at S$150 All burgers are made with herb-marinated ground wagyu striploin and pork shoulder and served on a homebaked brioche bun, topped with mild chilli salt.

    Your choice of any 2 premium burgers: Blue Cheese Burger Gorgonzola and Danish Blue cheese sauce Bacon and Cheese Burger Smoked Gouda with a thick-sliced bacon marinated in maple syrup

    Each meal set comes with truffle fries, salad and Cream of Pumpkin soup.

    Only 3 more sets available.

    Order Here ⟶

  • 7

    His flair for everything delicious, intrepid traveling and designer hotels sets him apart. During the pandemic, Wee co-founded an online luxury food gifting and gourmet grocery site Atlas Handcrafted featuring traditional businesses.

    27 pieces Nyonya Kueh Floating Tray embellished with 24K Gold from Kanazawa Japan and Tropical Flowers at S$300

    Order Here ⟶

  • 8

    Cookbook Author & Restauranteur with a simple goal, Nicholas has a huge appetite for gastronomy and nothing excites him more than discovering hidden gems.

    12-piece assortment of authentic Masa Corn Tacos at S$180 Only 1 left!

    Order Here ⟶

  • 9

    “There are several reasons why I like to cook. Firstly, cooking is diversion from my main activity in battery research. Secondly, I like to know what I eat and innovate new recipes. Lastly, I come from Morocco, a country well known for its rich cuisine. My mom taught me how to cook Moroccan tagines and couscous.” – Rachid Yazami, Award-Winning Scientist and Inventor

    Chicken Lemon Tagine served with Moroccan bread and Cooked Moroccan Salad
    at S$150

    Order Here ⟶

  • 10

    “I love cooking for loved ones. Here’s sharing my love of cooking with you!” – Simone Khoo, Homemaker and the woman behind 5 men and a lady.

    8-inch Basque Burnt Cheesecake at S$150

    Sticky Date Pudding with Salted Caramel at S$180

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