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5 Cocktails For Each Type Of Dad, And Where To Get Them Delivered

We’ve even got options for the teetotallers.

5 Cocktails For Each Type Of Dad, And Where To Get Them Delivered
JW Marriott

Phase 2 and Father’s Day are soon upon us, and though we’re glad we can dine out once again, we’re pretty sure there’ll be a crush of people thinking the same thing. Also, bars remain closed, so no nightcaps yet. The solution? Bring the party to you.

Since no two dads are alike, here’s our personality-based guide to ordering the perfect cocktail for yours, even if he’s strictly sober. Read on to see which fits pop the best.

01 | The Grizzled Ol’ Bear

You know the type — the dads who respond in grunts and non-committal harrumphs, whose most emotive expressions occur when they’re asleep. But you know they love you deep down — they just don’t show it on their (stony) faces.

A classic cocktail might just put a dink in that stoic armour, especially the ones from The NCO Club. Home to Madame Fan and jazz bar Cool Cats, their cocktail menu might be relatively lean at just 5 signatures between both bars, but they certainly make up for it with quality. Go for the earthy, bourbon-based Boogie Woogie from Cool Cats, and pair it with the self-explanatory Old School from Madame Fan, whose combination of Japanese whiskey, vermouth and plum liqueur will get your dad cracking a smile in no time.

Visit their site here.

Cool Cat’s earthy, complex Boogie Woogie.
(Image: JW Marriot)

02 | The Fun Dad

If your pop comes with an endless supply of groan-worthy jokes, then he’s probably a Fun Dad — and he’ll need a drink that’s as lively as he is. Retro bar and purveyor of all things 80s Nineteen80 serves up a selection of their funky cocktails just in time for Father’s Day.

We love the Totally Current cocktail, which brings a nostalgic blast from the past with its mixture of Ribena cordial, gin, and blackberry preserve. If you want something that’ll make him chuckle, the tropical Love Shack — with its fruity punch of dark and white rum, cointreau, elderflower, guava juice and fresh lime — will do the trick. Just be sure to bring along your own paper umbrellas.

Visit their site here.

With a name like Blue Balls, who wouldn’t want to give their cocktails a try?
(Image: Nineteen80)

03 | The Straight Edge Dad

Some dads just don’t like to drink, and that’s perfectly fine. But something has to be said about the ritual of sharing a cocktail with someone close to you — it’s the perfect time to decompress and unpack your journey together thus far.   

If you want the experience of sharing an alcoholic drink with your old man minus the actual alcohol, then Lyre’s has just the thing. Their range of 13 classic spirits — from dark rum to absinthe — recreate the feel and taste of the original cocktail without zero alcohol. Plus, the bottles make for a wonderfully handsome gift.

Visit their site here.

A non-alcoholic espresso martini, made with Lyre’s.
(Image: Lyre’s)

04 | The Quirky Dad

Got a dad who expresses himself through art, cooking, or just about any creative endeavour? Newly opened bar and resto Lumo serves up a clever mix of modern European delights — cocktails include the Stevie J, which lends the classic Manhattan a note of delectable baked apple, and the refreshing Palm Tree Tonic for a special way to enjoy a cup of Joe together.

If you want to take things a step further, you can even personalise your own cocktails — from aperitifs to sours, Lumo will work with you to create the perfect concoction for your equally unique dad.

Visit their site here.

The Stevie J brings with it a surprising, and delightful, burst of baked apple.
(Image: Lumo)

05 | The Classy Dad

Here’s what you get for the man who has it all: something that money can’t buy. And that means time well spent with you. Helped along, of course, by drinks from one of Asia’s best bars.

This weekend, Manhattan is also holding a sweet Father & Son virtual reunion event, which sees bar manager David Ngyuen-Luu and his son Noah, of Employees Only, teach viewers how to mix up two of their favourite drinks. Order their special DIY kit to take part in the experience with your own dad, or pick from a bottled range of Manhattan’s signature cocktails.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be giving dad the best gift that you can — and that’s time spent together.

Visit their site here.

(Image: Manhattan)

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