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10 Feel-Good Beauty Finds To Help You Relax From Head To Toe

These picks will help you de-stress and add just a tad more joy to your day.

10 Feel-Good Beauty Finds To Help You Relax From Head To Toe
Louis Vuitton's new perfume, California DreamingImage: Louis Vuitton

In these difficult times, when the world is in crisis and our personal lives are thrown into disarray, it’s nice to have small beauty rituals that help to alleviate stress and calm the mind. Pick and choose the products and rituals that work for you — if something doesn’t work, move on or pass the product onto a loved one to try. There’s no point in stressing out over stress relief. For some of the latest releases and our personal beauty favourites, read on.

01 | Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub

If you believe the name, this scalp scrub will bring you plenty of happiness — but even if it doesn’t, we’ll settle for the tender loving scalp care. The scrub contains a blend of AHA and BHA acids to gently break down dead skin cells and styling product buildup on the scalp, both of which can be irritating to the skin in the area. Exfoliating beads — made of biodegradable plant cellulose, so it’s eco-friendly — help to sweep away the debris. Antioxidant-rich plant oils then help to nourish the scalp and keep it moisturised and flake-free. Leave on for five to 10 minutes before a quick massage with the beads and rinsing off.

Available here.

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub
(Image: Drunk Elephant)

02 | Slip Watermelon Refresher Embroidered Silk Eye Mask

After a whole day spent reading news about the coronavirus pandemic, there’s nothing quite like a fun eye mask to block out all the doom and gloom. Slip, the original creators of good-for-skin-and-hair silk pillowcases, has also released this limited edition embroidered eye mask. Made from high-grade mulberry silk, it is designed to sit lightly on the skin without causing any wrinkles or creases to your skin or hair. Note: Actual watermelon slices are not a good eyemask replacement.

Available here.

Slip Watermelon Refresher Embroidered Silk Eye Mask
(Image: Net-A-Porter)

03 | Dior Prestige La Lotion Essence de Rose

Imagine immersing yourself in a nourishing milk bath strewn with rose petals — it would probably feel pretty soothing, right? Dior beauty’s newest Lotion Essence de Rose release aims to allow you to do that every day, albeit just with the skin on your face (although we won’t judge if you choose to use this all over). Its milky formula uses ingredients with 91.2 percent natural origin, including extracts from its proprietary Rose de Granville. The lotion claims to reduce inflammation and restore energy and circulation to fatigued skin, resulting in a complexion that feels soothed and more youthful.

Available here.

Dior Prestige La Lotion Essence de Rose
(Image: Dior)

04 | Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask

We’re not going to lie, when we need a serious skin pick-me-up, this is the mask we reach for. Sulwhasoo’s Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask contains potent extracts from both the ginseng flower and the ginseng root, with eight times more active ingredients than the brand’s beloved Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX. The sheet mask itself has a dual-layer structure — the inner layer ensures comfort while the outer layer ensures that the mask adheres tightly to the skin and keeps the rich, creamy essence from evaporating, so that you can reap the maximum benefits of the mask. Even a few years after its release, this is unlike any other sheet mask available on the market.

Available here.

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask
(Image: Sulwhasoo)

05 | Hayo’u Beauty Restorer

We’re glad to finally say that the wider beauty world is embracing the benefits of Chinese gua sha techniques, which can act to relieve tension and as a “natural botox” for facial contours. This facial massage tool from Hayo’u is carved from cooling jade, in a shape that will allow you to put effective pressure on pressure points in the face and neck that need extra attention. If you’ve been feeling the neck strain from bad home office ergonomics, this is the tool for you. Use in conjunction with a little face oil to both nourish the skin and prevent excessive friction irritation — never on bare skin. The brand recommends using the tool daily as a way to wind down from the day’s stresses. We all certainly need a little stress relief these days.

Available here.

Hayo’u Beauty Restorer
(Image: Net-A-Porter)

06 | Circumference Pure Balancing Botanical Face Oil

Circumference is one of the hottest new skincare brands to hit the international market. It focuses on science-backed plant-based formulas using ingredients that were sustainably sourced. This face oil is their signature product, made from a proprietary blend of 16 different botanicals, including sacha inchi, prickly pear, and sea buckthorn. The resulting formula promises to rejuvenate fatigued skin, enhance its elasticity, even out the skintone, balance sebum production, and repair skin damage.

Available here.

Circumference Pure Balancing Botanical Face Oil
(Image: Net-A-Porter)

07 | African Botanics Le Vert Tranquil Green Clay Soak

There has never been a better time to indulge in long soaks in the tub — complete with bath soaks, of course. This clay soak from African Botanics is supposedly formulated with all natural ingredients, including Atlantic sea salt and marula oil to gently cleanse the skin and restore its natural pH balance. Its aromas of rose, geranium, jasmine, and patchouli also add to the sensorial experience, so that you can be soothed both inside and out. Complete the experience with a good book and some extra scented candles, if you so desire.

Available here.

African Botanics Le Vert Tranquil Green Clay Soak
(Image: African Botanics)

08 | Aesop Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment

When it comes to body moisturisers, there are few that can match up to the cult favourite — Aesop. This body treatment, which comes in the form of an oil, is the perfect post-soak companion. It is infused with the uplifting scent of geranium leaf, mandarin, and bergamot, designed to whisk away any stress and relax the mind. Massage a few drops onto damp skin for instant hydration — or even add a few drops into the bathwater for a skin-softening soak. Whatever delivery method you choose, you will end up with soft, comfortably supple skin.

Available here.

Aesop Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment
(Image: Aesop)

09 | Louis Vuitton California Dream Cologne Perfume

Being stuck at home is no fun for anyone, so anything to distract us from the monotony of months spent inside four walls is dearly welcome. Cue Louis Vuitton’s latest fragrance, California Dream, created by master perfumer Jacques Cavailler Belletrud. As the name suggests, the scent captures the feeling of a warm, sultry sunset over the west coast. A sweet, fresh burst of mandarin energises — much like the fiery orange hues of a sunset — while warm, musky ambrette and benzoin ground the fragrance, like a summer evening slowly getting underway.

Available here, from 28 May.

Louis Vuitton California Dream Cologne Perfume
(Image: Louis Vuitton)

10 | Refa For Body

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been craving a good massage to help us work out all the stiffness and tension from staring at computer screens all day. Unfortunately, since that’s unlikely to be able to happen anytime soon, we’ve resorted to using massage tools to work out all the kinks. The ReFa for Body roller is not only precisely shaped for optimal body contact, it also uses microcurrent technology to stimulate the skin and promote lymphatic drainage, enhancing the skin’s suppleness and helping to shape body contours at the same time.

Available here.

Refa For Body
(Image: Refa)

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