Pamper and Treat

Weekend Agenda: Beauty Destinations To Pamper Yourself At

A quick review of places to visit this weekend to indulge in a moment of rest and recharge.

Leonica K Trichology’s latest location is situated at Hilton Shopping Gallery.
Leonica K Trichology

01 | Indulge In A Therapeutic Scalp Massage

Destination: Leonica K Trichology
Recommended Treatment: Stress-induced Hair Loss Treatment
Duration: 90 minutes

The session begins with a 15-20 minute consultation session with Leonica Kei, founder of Leonica K Trichology. The certified trichologist, who has over 20 years of experience under her belt, will chat with you about your hair woes, lifestyle habits, and even share a thing or two about hair and scalp care. Based on your sharing, she will decide which products from her collection will work best for you before introducing you to her therapist.

The treatment starts with a serum gently massaged into your scalp. The massage helps with releasing any tension and stress while promoting healthy blood flow to your hair follicles. The serum itself is a blend of powerful botanical extracts that exfoliate the scalp, allowing the follicles to “breathe”. A blend of conditioners in the formula helps with repairing stress-induced damage and breakage, restoring strength and elasticity to your hair.

The new spot boasts a sleek and spacious interior.Leonica K Trichology

This is followed by a steam treatment to intensify the serum’s function. After 10-15 minutes, your steam-treated hair is then exposed to an infrared machine which allows the product to penetrate even deeper into the hair shafts and scalp for maximum effects. Additionally, the infrared light therapy helps with strengthening the hair follicles while inducing muscle relaxation.

Your hair is then rinsed with a growth-enhancing peppermint shampoo, before being treated with with a nourishing conditioner. The latter contains various omega-rich oils, hydrolysed elastin and vitamin E to repair any remaining damage. After rinsing and towel drying, the treatment is concluded with the therapist massaging an energising tonic to your scalp which soothes and strengthens the follicles.

Results: Hair is bouncy while the scalp feels fresh and light. The gentle massages and infrared treatment will also leave your scalp and neck feeling less tight.

Visit Leonica K Trichology at 581 Orchard Rd, #02-35, Hilton Shopping Gallery, Singapore 238883

Sulwhasoo Boutique’s sophisticated treatment room excudes a quiet charm.Sulwhasoo Singapore

02 | Relax With A Rejuvenating Facial

Destination: Beauty Lounge at Sulwhasoo Boutique
Recommended treatment: Prestige Timeless Treatment [Capitol Exclusive]
Duration: 90 minutes

After registration at the newly refurbished counter, you will be whisked into Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge’s treatment room. The sophisticated wood-accented interior is illuminated with gentle warm lighting, setting the mood for a relaxing treatment. After a briefing, the facial therapist will introduce you to five aroma oils, each featuring one of Sulwhasoo’s signature scents. Your favourite fragrance will later be used in the Sulwhajeong (dry towel massage) step.

She starts the session proper by first calming you down with a dry scalp massage. After relieving you of any tension trapped in your scalp, the treatment is followed by a therapeutic Sulwhajeong ritual where the combination of aromatherapy and massage techniques are used to stimulate your meridian points.

Once you’re sufficiently relaxed, she begins the facial with an oil cleanse to rid your skin of dirt and debris. This is then followed by skincare steps that utilise products from the Timetreasure Honorstige line, which is Sulwhasoo’s most premium collection. Formulas from this anti-ageing line is infused with a powerful combination of the brand’s regenerative Active Ginseng Cell technology, energising reiki mushroom extract, and nourishing red pine extract to breathe new life to stress-aged complexions. From serums to eye creams, each product from this line has an elegant texture which is an absolute indulgence for your skin.

Treatment rooms are illuminated with warm lighting.Sulwhasoo Singapore

Using an obsidian applicator, the therapist combines a variety of massage techniques to effectively release pressure and tightness from your facial muscles. Obsidian is widely believed to absorb negativity, which is great if you’re looking to free yourself from an accumulation of bad vibes. You would have reached a state of deep rest by now, and this is where she will treat your delicate eye area with a unique gold film. This action helps with perking up your peepers and temporarily erasing any signs of ageing.

After leaving you to rest for a few minutes, the therapist will wrap up the session by locking all the nourishment from the Timetreasure Honorstige into your skin with a moisturiser and sunscreen. Of course, this too was carried out with good technique.

Results: Well-hydrated skin that looks fresh and revitalised. The therapeutic experience will also leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Visit Sulwhasoo Boutique – Capitol Building at 15 Stamford Rd, #01-72/73, Capitol Building, Singapore 178906

A display of IDS’ best-selling formulas.IDS Aesthetics

03 | Defy Ageing With A Lifting Facial Treatment

Destination: IDS Aesthetics
Recommended Treatment: Pep.Blu Deep Treatment
Duration: 60 minutes

After a quick yet detailed consultation, the facial therapist will brief you on the steps that she will be carrying out during the procedure. The facial is generally relaxing, but you should take note that that the electroporation step might be a tad uncomfortable.

She starts by double cleansing your face, using cleansers that are most suitable for your skin type from IDS’ skincare range. She then exfoliates your skin with a HydroD machine to rid your skin of dead skin cells. This dermabrasion technique uses a mineral solution for gentle exfoliation, which then allows the products from the upcoming steps to work more effectively.

After this step, the Pep.Blu formula is applied liberally all over your skin. The “Pep” in Pep.Blu refers to peptides (small protein chains) , while the “Blu” refers to the serum’s blue hue from copper. These ingredients work in tandem to increase the skin’s elasticity, strengthen the skin, and provide anti-ageing benefits.

IDS’ lounge area where consultations take place.IDS Aesthetics

The serum provides slip for the electroporation device to glide effortlessly across your face. The device has a metal probe which releases micro currents, and these currents help the serum to penetrate even deeper into your skin. Additionally, this step tightens and contours the skin, resulting in a subtle lifted look. The main reason why this step is a tad uncomfortable is because it induces involuntary twitching of the facial muscles, which is an unfamiliar sensation to most people. However, this lasts only a couple of minutes, before the therapist will place a soothing sheet mask on your face and leavesyou to relax under an LED light. This mask and light therapy combination helps with calming any redness and sensitivity which the electroporation might have caused, while hydrating your skin.

The session is concluded with the application of a suitable moisturiser and sunscreen from the IDS brand. These products work to lock in the Pep.Blu’s benefits and protect your skin from UV damage respectively.

Results: A lifted face with a well-hydrated complexion. Despite the minor discomfort, you will feel a lot more confident upon noticing the treatment’s efficacy.

Visit IDS Aesthetics at 360 Orchard Rd, #02-02, International Building, Singapore 238869

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