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Get Your Spa-and-Skincare Fix With Dr TWL Pharmacy’s Teledermatology Service

The world outside might be on pause, but your skin certainly didn’t get the memo.

Get Your Spa-and-Skincare Fix With Dr TWL Pharmacy’s Teledermatology Service
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You’ve heard of telemedicine — where a doctor assesses you virtually and couriers over the appropriate medicine, all without you leaving your sickbed-slash-couch — so it only stands to reason that the same thing exists for your skin as well.

As an accredited dermatologist clinic, TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre is classified as an essential service — though for the safety of their patients, they’ve recently moved all their operations online. That means that all consults and prescriptions can be handled without you leaving your home.

With encrypted video calls and same-day courier deliveries with your prescriptions, you’ll be able to protect your skin so you can emerge from the circuit breaker looking fresh as can be.

Dr Teo Wan Lin is a board-accredited dermatologist and runs the TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre.
(Image: TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre)

“The diagnostic processes of dermatology hinges on visual inspection,” says clinic founder Dr Teo Wan Lin. “In light of this pandemic, I think teledermatology has become more of a necessity.”

“Teledermatology should not be seen as being frivolous or less professional than an in-person consult, because we also abide by very strict processes with regards to the consultation process.”

And though one might think that staying indoors would reduce the harm done to one’s skin, that’s unfortunately not the case.

“Staying home probably does halt the aging process just a bit,” says Dr Teo. “But if your house has a lot of natural light, you should also bear in mind that you should really put your sunscreen on. And as for environmental pollution, you can’t eliminate all of it — when you’re home and you open your windows, you’re in an urban environment, so there might be pollutants hanging around.” 

Beyond their usual consultations, the clinic has also launched their new Custom Mask Bar service, where they will formulate bespoke facial mask essences based on your specific skincare concerns and needs — a godsend, especially given the newly-extended circuit breaker period.

The Mask Bar service is designed as a monthly subscription service that evolves with your skin’s changing needs. Each monthly box comes with a reusable, patented Polysaccharide mask that reduces plastic waste and optimises moisture delivery, as well as several vials of customised mask essence.

Also included is a CollagenUp Facial Wand, which is an FDA-approved radio frequency device that helps increase serum absorption into the skin, and gives you that much-needed feeling of having a professional facial done.

As for the ingredients, they use a range of botanically derived cosmeceutical actives — such as purified extracts of Calendula and Marine Algae — that aim to treat concerns like skin sensitivity, acne, and hyperpigmentation.

You can request for a mask formulation during your digital consult, or choose your own active ingredients on the clinic’s store here.

To complete your at-home spa experience, there’s also the SilkPeel Home Medi-Facial Kit, which tackles blackheads and clogged pores like a dream. The device provides painless extractions and gentle microdermabrasion with its suction tip, which removes dirt, debris and keratin from the skin.

While staying home might keep you away from the sun and urban pollutants, Dr Teo reminds us that chronic skin conditions — such as eczema or acne — aren’t deterred by that.

“It’s not gonna go away just because you’re staying home,” she says.

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