A Few Good Men

Why changing minds is as important as changing lives, and how they want to make our world better.

A Few Good Men
Dr Gary Tho, Paul Foster, Alvin Poh, Tom Peacock-Nazil

Between them, they have cleaned the world’s rivers and oceans of tonnes of plastic, created a scholarship, and volunteered countless hours of their time to improve the lives of others.

But aside from making the world a better place, these men are also seeking to inspire others to integrate philanthropy, charity, and overall do-gooding into their own lives.

For more, click through the photos below, and watch the video for a few funny outtakes.

  • 1

    Dr Gary Tho | Owner and principal chiropractor, Chiroworks

    “I believe I can impact people and their families to live life without limits.”

  • 2

    Tom Peacock-Nazil | Founder, Seven Clean Seas

    “Every positive action (regardless of size) is a step in the right direction.”

  • 3

    Alvin Poh | Angel Investor

    “I wanted to provide others with the same opportunities I’d been given.”

  • 4

    Paul Foster | Actor, Model, Eco-Warrior

    “Even when times are not good, I remind myself to take every opportunity to do good.”

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This story first appeared in the Apr 2020 issue of A Magazine.

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