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Are You Game For These Fashionable Apps?

Playing with fashion just took on a whole new meaning

Are You Game For These Fashionable Apps?
Gucci x Tennis ClashImage: Gucci

Looking for a way to kill time while you’re languishing the day away at home? Us too, which is why we’re taking to our smartphones to clock in some gaming minutes.

While the relationship between fashion and the gaming world isn’t new (flashback to Louis Vuitton’s partnership with Final Fantasy), the increased amount of time spent at home these days are giving brands plenty of reason to crank out fun little games that you can play while idling the day away.

Combining style with a little bit of competitive play, these recently-launched fashionable games will have you tinkering away for hours trying to beat the high score.

Gucci x Tennis ClashImage: Gucci

01 | Serve at the Gucci Open

Tennis seems to be the de facto game of choice for fashion insiders – just look to the many fashion statements made on-court by players like Serena Williams and Roger Federer. And with Tennis Clash, you can now join the stylish ranks in a head-to-toe Gucci ensemble.

Lauded for its lifelike gameplay, Tennis Clash players can now enter the Gucci tournament whilst having their avatar decked out in exclusive outfits from the Italian house. These include shoes, socks and even headgear and tennis string. Once you’ve got your threads ready, enter the Gucci Open and challenge your friends to a round on the court.

Download the game on the App Store and Google Play

Burberry’s B SurfImage: Burberry

02 | Hang ten with Burberry’s B Surf

Fancy yourself having a pretty good sense of balance? Put it to the test in Burberry’s new B Surf game.

Launched in conjunction with the brand’s summer monogram capsule release (which includes real-life surfboards, just FYI), players start by picking out a board design to match their character’s outfits. Then, link up with your friends using the site’s remote connection functions for a friendly match, as you both glide around a TB-shaped arena. There is also a chance for you to unlock digital prizes that include an AR in-game character and an exclusive face filter.

Hey, if we can’t fly out to our favourite beach destinations, then this will do for now.

Play the game on burberry.com

  • Roger Vivier’s Walk Your TunaImage: Roger Vivier
  • Roger Vivier’s Walk Your TunaImage: Roger Vivier

03 | Roger Vivier lets you walk Tuna the dog in Paris

Everyone knows Tuna, the Instagram-famous dog right? Well, Roger Vivier is now inviting you to take the pooch out to the streets of Paris.

Designed as an Instagram filter, Tuna and you will traverse across iconic Parisian destinations including the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museum, as you navigate a series of obstacles while trying to get Tuna to eat as much as possible.

The game is easy enough to play that your kids will enjoy it too, but fair warning: we’ve tried the game already, and it’s seriously addictive.

To play, visit Roger Vivier’s Instagram, click on the Filters tab and select the game

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