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Watch The Gucci Cosmogonie Runway Show Live From Italy

Tuesday, 17 May at 2am Singapore time.

Watch The Gucci Cosmogonie Runway Show Live From Italy
Gucci Cosmogonie will show at Castel del Monte in Italy.

Gucci is next in line to showcase its cruise 2023 collection with a live, somewhat destination fashion show. Gucci Cosmogonie — as the luxury fashion house prefers to call it — is set to be staged in Andria, Italy at the Castel del Monte.

The World Heritage site is not an unusual choice for Gucci, especially under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele. Castel del Monte is known for its unique design which consists of a main octagonal prism with an octagonal tower at each side, effectively resembling a geometric interpretation of the sun. Elements pertaining to Northern Europe, the Islamic world, and classical antiquity are part of the architecture and are reflective of the cross-cultural blending of ideas that Michele’s Gucci has been known for.

Gucci Cosmogonie may suggest that Michele could perhaps take inspiration from constellations, zodiacs, or even, quite literally, the origin of the universe as a whole. But as with any Michele for Gucci collection, there’s no telling what the creative director has exactly up his sleeves.

Watch the Gucci Cosmogonie runway show here as it goes live from Andria, Italy.

What: Gucci Cosmogonie runway show
Where: Andria, Italy
When: Tuesday, 17 May 2022 at 2am Singapore time

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