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Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts For The Fashion-Conscious

Five fuss-free luxurious gifts you can buy within the next 24 hours.

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts For The Fashion-Conscious
Image: Hermès.

Let’s get down to it: Mother’s Day is this Sunday, 8 May 2022. In other words, you have just about 24 hours left to get organised and head out to score a gift that says anything but “I’m sorry I forgot”.

It’s true that Mother’s Day shouldn’t be the only day that we show our appreciation for the love, care and concern by our mothers (in every physical embodiment of the role). But it’s always nice to take time to celebrate them.

And yes, we know that life gets in the way — it happens. 24 hours is still plenty of time to scramble last-minute meal plans, gather loved ones together, and to top the celebration off with a gift. We’ve got that last part covered, especially if they’re one who appreciates the finer things in life and revels in all things fashion.

Here’s an edit of five luxurious gifts you don’t have to fuss about on sizing.

  • 1Image: Celine.

    Image: Celine.

    Calf leather bag, from Celine.

    If there’s one bag shape that’s been trending for at least about a year now, it’s the crescent-shaped bag. It’s somewhat ergonomic (in the luxury fashion sense) owing to its smooth curves, making one fit rather nicely around the shoulders and tucked in between the arm and the side of one’s torso. This olive iteration by Celine is made from smooth calf leather and is designed with a nifty adjustable strap that slightly elongates the drop for added versatility.

  • 2Image: Louis Vuitton.

    Image: Louis Vuitton.

    Monogram mirror jewellery box, from Louis Vuitton.

    What makes this Louis Vuitton jewellery box special is that it looks like it could’ve been a specially ordered bespoke piece. Louis Vuitton, after all, started out making trunks for elite clienteles before evolving to be the luxury maison it is today. This box is fashioned after the maison’s signature trunks — complete with all the trims and details — but finished with a mirrored version of the Louis Vuitton Monogram. In other words: super luxe for containing anything precious.

  • 3Image: Hermès.

    Image: Hermès.

    Silk double-face scarf, from Hermès.

    Hermès is known for many things and chief among them is its artisanal mastery of silks. Double-face silks are something that the storied maison have been finessing for a few years now — essentially, silk scarves that are printed on both sides and often in two different colourways. This particular design is by American illustrator Daniel Clowes and features a superhero-fied female protagonist that’s perfect for the occasion. And like many Hermès scarves, this would go pretty well as an actual accessory or framed up as a piece of art.

  • 4Image: Loewe.

    Image: Loewe.

    Sequinned raffia and calf leather bag, from Loewe.

    Loewe’s now-seasonal Paula’s Ibiza collection has just arrived in its boutiques and as always, its laden with all manner of basket bags. They’ve become quite a signature of the brand and are continuously rendered in fresher designs and silhouettes. For the latest Loewe Paula’s Ibiza collection, this Balloon Ruffles bag is made out of sequinned raffia for that extra dose of subtle glamour — catching the light as the bag is carried around. It’s summer all year round in Singapore and nothing says cosmopolitan island life quite like an atypical basket bag.

  • 5Image: Moncler.

    Image: Moncler.

    Moncler Pour Homme parfum and Moncler Pour Femme parfum, both from Moncler.

    We’ve probably saved the most ostentatious for last. Moncler’s first-ever line of fragrances (in both him and her versions, but hey, a scent is a scent) is quite something to shout about. Inspired by the great outdoors, the Moncler Pour Homme calls to mind fresh, crisp winter air while Moncler Pour Femme is a sweeter, musky scent. What’s more exceptional is the fact that they’re encased in a bottle that comes with an LED screen where a personalised text can be displayed through a smartphone app. There’s nothing stopping you from personalising one specially for Mother’s Day, and achievable with such ease too.

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