Mother's Day

I Love You, Mummy, To The Moon (And Stars) And Back

A Magazine undertook a secret mission with these children and mothers to pen their heartfelt sentiments to each other.

I Love You, Mummy, To The Moon (And Stars) And Back

Anchor Image: Ginny Wiluan and Ryan Wiluan

01 | Growing up, Nydia Hartono always remembers mom Jocelyn Tjioe as the ever-composed and collected mum, even with three kids and a fast-moving career as senior vice president at the restaurant group Tung Lok Millennium. Here, the photographer/videographer tells mum how she looks up to her. She also pays special tribute to grandma Ho Njoek Foeng.

02 | Being a single mom makes private investor Celina Lin all the more adamant that her only daughter Athena Goros grows up well and right – here, she reminds the little one why she should use her “special powers” for a bigger good.

03 | With Tiara Budiprawiro-Shaw being homemaker and wife to Mark Shaw, who is the executive vice president of Shaw Organisation, it’s no surprise what their daughter Victoria Shaw reveals that she loves doing with mummy. Movie nights of course! And with her little sweet tooth, Victoria takes this Mother’s Day to thank godma Maria See for indulging her with cake.

04 | True to her passion for food, the CEO and co-founder of the hospitality and restaurant group 1-Rochester Group Cheryl Lee spends lots of her free time feeding her adorable children with their favourite food and also cooking with them. Lauren and Liam Quah quip about what they love to mummy, despite her busy schedule — and it looks like they will make mummy roll over with laughter!

05 | Former lawyer-turned-director of Nongsa Resorts and Nongsa Digital Park, Ginny Wiluan has always been the outgoing and outstanding career woman. Nonetheless, she is regularly spotted at charity balls and such to be ever-lovingly engaged with her husband Richard Wiluan, executive director of energy services provider KS Energy Services. She continues to show her three children, Kristian, Ryan and Isabel Wiluan what familial love is about with this letter to tell them how precious they are to her, while teaching them about solidarity.

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