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Bottega Veneta Urges Us To Lace Up And Head Out With Its Range Of Outdoorsy Shoes

Rain or shine, this new range of shoes will keep you looking sharp for every occasion.

Bottega Veneta Urges Us To Lace Up And Head Out With Its Range Of Outdoorsy Shoes
Bottega Veneta

Technicality and materiality has been Daniel Lee’s obsession right from his debut at Bottega Veneta. The clashing of formality and sportiness is prevalent throughout his collections as is the case with Wardrobe 02. The playful crossing over of genres and styles are most apparent in the accessories notably the footwear which even when unworn are intriguing objects to behold. 

01 | Puddle Boots 

Launched in the fall of 2020, the puddle boots are a playful rendition of the rubber rain boots. Constructed from a biodegradable polymer derived from natural molecules, the Wardrobe 02 version is updated to a long boot that ends at the knee. Rendered in bold hues like egg yolk, flamingo, cobalt and grass – Bottega Veneta’s signature electric green – these statement boots were styled with various looks throughout the collection, bringing a sense of fun with its playful proportions. 

02 | Slip-On Flash 

As its name implies, slip-on flash is a zingy slip-on sneaker. Inspired by supercars, the style balances bold gestures with a strong attention to detail and construction. The smooth minimalistic upper is finished using seamless technology and is contrasted with the thick aerodynamic outsole. Rendered to mimic the rocker panels on fast cars, the outsole’s bold shape is highlighted with flashes of green. When styled with full leather looks, the slip-on flash emanates a daring attitude. 

03 | Puddle Bomber 

An evolution of the puddle boot, this new style reimagines the hiking boot as a city shoe. The hybridisation of styles utilises the puddle boot’s iconic chunky sole and marries it with a technical nylon upper, a reference to the fabric used on military bomber jackets. The versatility of this style lends itself to a myriad of activities. From treks to romps around the city, it is the perfect shoe for this moment where we are slowly emerging from our homes and re-exploring our immediate world. 

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