Bottega Veneta Wardrobe 02 Makes Dressing Up Fun Again

Comprising well-crafted everyday staples and high-voltage seasonal sensations, Bottega Veneta Wardrobe 02 attempts to alleviate every anxiety arising from heading out and/or staying in.

Bottega Veneta Wardrobe 02 Makes Dressing Up Fun Again

“Don’t embarrass yourself and don’t embarrass the company.” Three years since arriving at Bottega Veneta as creative director, Daniel Lee has instead achieved the opposite. His first major gig — the British designer trained at Maison Margiela, Balenciaga and Celine — had plenty to show, most notably Designer of the Year at UK’s Fashion Awards in 2019. 

Lee, a Central Saint Martins alum, has attributed his success to an attitude of not compromising and of “always sticking to your vision” — and it’s clearly allowed him to keep pushing boundaries with each collection. His latest, Wardrobe 02, continues the conversation on how “fashion is about freedom, self-expression and letting go”. 

It features easy-to-wear essentials: no way you’d miss those slim-cut suits or outerwear galore of impeccably crafted coats, shiny leather biker jackets and adorable shearling cover-ups. 

But Lee’s MO of not becoming boring means we can expect possibilities and choices. And by sneaking in glamorous creations such as a sparkly tasselled shift and sequinned bustier gown, he instantly suffuses Wardrobe 02 with a new purpose. Indeed, even if one chooses to stay home, one can live the high life at home. 

As he points out in an interview:  “Everybody wants to feel good… everyone wants to embrace life, so why not celebrate that with clothing?” 

Here’s a first look at Bottega Veneta’s best bags and shoes that’ll go with your favourite looks from Wardrobe 02.  

01 | Cuddle Party 

Petite in proportions but big on impressions, The Mount Envelope is poised to be this season’s most coveted arm candy. By cleverly juxtaposing sensible, streamlined silhouettes with beautiful, sensuous textures to further accentuate elements like the triangular flap and chunky chain, Lee has crafted a conversation-worthy crossbody that will take you everywhere. Comes in Small and Medium.

02 | Trailblazers 

Lee draws on the sleek aesthetic of supercars for Bottega Veneta’s latest shoe offerings, which are minimalist in form but spunky in attitude. To build on his previous success with the Tire Boots is Clog Flash, where the same coloured rubber sole adds a joyful, youthful twist to this utilitarian classic for ladies. The rubber sole is also the focus of Slip-On Flash for gents, with a bi-coloured design to amp up its edgy shape, which harks back to the rocker panels on cars. 

03 | Bling Fling

Lee springs a pleasant surprise with sparkly crystals on no-nonsense shapes. Designed to fit like a second skin — ooh, how sexy — the Sock Mule Dot will make you want to jump, skip and hop all day. 

04 | Comfort Zone

Marrying luxury and wearability, the Puddle Boots subverts gender boundaries with its seamless construction and bold proportions.  

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