Fan service

All Hail The Fan!

No mere culture vultures, fans today are actively demonstrating their devotion to movies, music and TV shows in ways that are shaking up the pop cultural landscape. Here’s a journey through fandom that proves it’s not about what you love, but how you love it.

New Zealand

Maori Culture In A Modern World

Once dubbed a “dying race”, the Māori population across Aotearoa, better known as New Zealand, is very much alive and kicking — and they’re welcoming you with a traditional dance and tongue thrusts.

Skyscraper Stranding

The Whale That Will Live A Thousand Years

Made entirely of plastic pulled from the Pacific Ocean, the Bruges Whale is a haunting reminder of the amount of waste that’s in our waters. Its artists tell us more about how they assembled the massive sculpture.

Paste once can already

“Don’t Call Me Sticker Lady”

Street artist Sam Lo is no rebel, but she definitely has a cause. She talks to us about her life before art, and how her emblematic stickers turned her into a national icon.

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