Hat Trick

Creatives: Chee Sau Fen

Instead of making hats with chemicals and artificial materials, the self-taught Chee weaves hers with plant fibres and natural extracts.

Suit Up

Creatives: Sheryl Yeo

Who says suits are boring? Yeo specialises in making suits for women, but really, she’ll dress anyone as long as they love a ‘good, funky lining’.

Chair Force

Creatives: Jarrod Lim

Part award-winning furniture designer, part kid at heart, Lim infuses his classy creations with his bright-eyed spirit.

Cat Quest

Creatives: Desmond Wong

How did a Singaporean video game about cats become a cult favourite around the world? It’s not so im-paw-sible after all.

Worktime = Playtime

Creatives: Jackson Aw

The founder of Mighty Jaxx has since become an international name thanks to his fun designs, but he also has a heart for doing good.

Artificial Art?

Would You Buy AI-created Art?

With artificial intelligence creating compelling artworks that sell for a pretty penny, the meaning of creativity naturally becomes blurred.

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