Cultures, Not Costumes

What Does Cultural Appreciation Look Like?

The luxury fashion industry just can’t seem to avoid stepping on toes when taking inspiration from other cultures. But avoiding this altogether to avoid accusations of cultural appropriation won’t benefit anyone.

Stay On Track

Steering The Food Industry Into The Future

The best exchanges often transpire in a car. Benjamin Swan, CEO of Sustenir Agriculture, and restaurateur Liling Ong, director of Cicheti Group, field questions on future-proofing the food industry while on the road in the Audi A6.

Pocket Goldmine

Turning Tech Trash Into Literal Gold

Urban mining of gold is now a possibility, necessity even, as piles of tech rubble become common modern “ores” from which innovators and scientists creatively extract precious metals.

The Climate Debate

The Danger of Climate Doomsayers

We need to solve climate change, says Bjørn Lomborg, but we also need to make sure that the cure isn’t more painful than the disease.

On Creativity

Is Originality Dead?

Everywhere we look, it’s like experiencing deja vu. From the onslaught of movie remakes to recycled fashion designs, the concept of an original idea may already be extinct.

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