30Sep 19
Chair Force

Creatives: Jarrod Lim

Part award-winning furniture designer, part kid at heart, Lim infuses his classy creations with his bright-eyed spirit.

30Sep 19
Cat Quest

Creatives: Desmond Wong

How did a Singaporean video game about cats become a cult favourite around the world? It’s not so im-paw-sible after all.

30Sep 19
Worktime = Playtime

Creatives: Jackson Aw

The founder of Mighty Jaxx has since become an international name thanks to his fun designs, but he also has a heart for doing good.

25Sep 19
Pocket Goldmine

Turning Tech Trash Into Literal Gold

Urban mining of gold is now a possibility, necessity even, as piles of tech rubble become common modern “ores” from which innovators and scientists creatively extract precious metals.

24Sep 19
Artificial Art?

Would You Buy AI-created Art?

With artificial intelligence creating compelling artworks that sell for a pretty penny, the meaning of creativity naturally becomes blurred.

16Sep 19
On Creativity

Is Originality Dead?

Everywhere we look, it’s like experiencing deja vu. From the onslaught of movie remakes to recycled fashion designs, the concept of an original idea may already be extinct.

12Sep 19
Singapore Ink

Art In The Name Of Good

Even with the tattooing industry in Singapore under heavier scrutiny recently, several artists prove that their art and presence can still be a force for good.

28Aug 19
Big top fun

Life’s A Circus

Argentinian theatre act Fuerza Bruta swings into town this week, and a husband-and-wife team from the show tell us what life on the road is really like.

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