30Sep 19
Hat Trick

Creatives: Chee Sau Fen

Instead of making hats with chemicals and artificial materials, the self-taught Chee weaves hers with plant fibres and natural extracts.

30Sep 19
Suit Up

Creatives: Sheryl Yeo

Who says suits are boring? Yeo specialises in making suits for women, but really, she’ll dress anyone as long as they love a ‘good, funky lining’.

30Sep 19
Chair Force

Creatives: Jarrod Lim

Part award-winning furniture designer, part kid at heart, Lim infuses his classy creations with his bright-eyed spirit.

30Sep 19
Cat Quest

Creatives: Desmond Wong

How did a Singaporean video game about cats become a cult favourite around the world? It’s not so im-paw-sible after all.

30Sep 19
Worktime = Playtime

Creatives: Jackson Aw

The founder of Mighty Jaxx has since become an international name thanks to his fun designs, but he also has a heart for doing good.

27Sep 19
Speeding Ahead

Riding Into The Future

There’s never been a time quite like this in the motor industry. Here are five fascinating areas of transformation.

25Sep 19
Pocket Goldmine

Turning Tech Trash Into Literal Gold

Urban mining of gold is now a possibility, necessity even, as piles of tech rubble become common modern “ores” from which innovators and scientists creatively extract precious metals.

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