That Time Gisele Bundchen Tried Face Yoga

For the first episode of Dior Skincare Talk, supermodel Gisele Bundchen had to “look up to the ceiling and stick out your tongue, and move it side to side”.

That Time Gisele Bundchen Tried Face Yoga

Even a supermodel like Gisele Bundchen has made some beauty boo-boos. For the first-ever Dior Skincare Talk led by the face of Dior Capture Total Skincare collection, she rounds up beauty experts from all over the world – including Singapore’s very own Dr Teo Wan Lin – with whom she swaps beautiful skin secrets.

We won’t spoil the fun with a verbatim account but what we have done is single out 3 top tips from the session. Read on, then click on the video to find out what Bundchen did wrong that she still regrets to this day.  

#1 Establish a self-care ritual.  
Meditation. I don’t even know how I loved without it. Creating rituals in your life is very helpful, anything that makes you feel good, and do it constantly. It’s going to be nourishing for you. We got to feed our body, our mind and our spirit all together. When we feel better, we look better.”

# 2 It’s all about balance.  
“Everything inside appears on the outside. So I start my day with hot water; it’s almost having a spa treatment for your system. I recently came across face yoga; let me demonstrate how to do it.”

#3 Make the most of your skincare.       
“I have the capacity for a 3-step skincare routine. So finding a product that can do a lot of the legwork was important to me. It was just simplicity.”

Also participating in Dior Skincare Talk were Joanna Czech (facialist), Melodie Monrose (model), Gabriella Karefa Johnson (stylist), Wanying Lei (art collector) as well as Rose Ferguson and Valerie Espinasse (nutritionists).  

More information on Dior Capture Total Skincare here.

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