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Engage With Your Favourite Fashion Brands While At Home

Unwind with the help of these creative initiatives that are led by these fashion houses

Engage With Your Favourite Fashion Brands While At Home
Kevin Tachman for Loewe

Not leaving your house is perhaps the most heroic and responsible thing that some of us can do right about now. But just because you’re not stepping out anytime soon, doesn’t mean that fashion can’t come to you.

Realising that their fans and audiences need ways to pass the time and distract themselves from the endlessly negative news cycle, fashion brands are stepping up to the mantle with a variety of ways that keep their fans logged in and switched on.

If you’re looking for something to do, we’ve compiled some of the ways luxury houses are reaching out to customers amidst these unprecedented days.

01 | Alexander McQueen

(Images: Chloe Le Drezen for Alexander McQueen)

Tapping onto their international band of followers, Alexander McQueen has created two movements to keep creative juices flowing.

On one hand, there’s the McQueen Creators initiative, which asks contributors to get inspired and to create their own interpretations of the house’s most famous designs. From sketching out a red dress with petaled folds to creating 3-D flowers inspired by the lifelike bouquets seen at Alexander McQueen’s SS07 collection, selected works of art will then be republished across the brand’s social media channels.

Secondly, there’s also #McQueenMusic, which immerses you into the world of Alexander McQueen by way of Spotify. With curated playlists from John Gosling (who has taken charge of the brand’s runway music for the past two decades) and composer Isobel Waller-Bridge in the works, you’ll have plenty of ear candy to relax to.

For more information, visit

02 | Gucci

The Italian brand has been extremely helpful in disseminating health advisories from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to its huge network of followers. Beyond sharing knowledge, Gucci also announced that they are partnering with The Sex Ed podcast for its third season. Hosted by Liz Goldwyn, the podcast brings on a line-up of health experts, cultural figures and artists to engage in a conversation around sexual health, gender issues and wellness. Furthermore, Gucci has also shared recipes from their osteria, so you can recreate a fine dining experience at home.

To listen to the podcast, visit

03 | Loewe

(Image: Kevin Tachman for Loewe)

Loewe wants you to take this time to get inspired, and it’s doing so through a series of talks and workshops organised as part of its Loewe En Casa campaign. Rolled out on Instagram via LIVE sessions, be exposed to a rich and diverse cast of artists, innovators and collaborators who share their passions and ideas with you. The series has already seen art world personalities such as ceramic sculptor Irina Razumovskaya and wood artist Julian Watts holding web time, as more artists are added to the roster.

To watch their LIVE videos, tune in at

04 | Versace

If you’re going to be mindlessly scrolling through coronavirus memes and cooking videos on Instagram, give your mind a bit of up-time by heading over to Versace’s feed. Through their #AtHomeWithVersace series, the Italian house hopes to excite you with art as well as to continue their support for young, emerging creative talents. Each series with this campaign will focus on one artist, and you can expect a behind-the-scenes look at how he/she goes about creating art. Art and inspiration? Sign us up.

To view the series, visit #AtHomeWithVersace

05 | Bottega Veneta

(Image: Bottega Veneta)

One of the first brands to lead the charge in digital engagement during a time when large fractions of people are sheltering at home, Bottega Veneta is holding an ongoing series called Bottega Residency. The idea behind this is to lend its studio space to a collaborator each week so that they can provide viewers with a much-needed distraction. Expect talks from your favourite photographers, movie nights with film directors and even the occasional cooking show to delight you in these moments of intensity and stress.

For more information, visit

06 | Alighieri

On top of making donations to food banks across the UK, jewellery brand Alighieri has also rolled out a series of online activities for their followers to partake in. A few weeks ago, they hosted a sound bath on Instagram. Over the Easter weekend, the team invited several of their customers to join in on an online art therapy session with Alexandria Coe, and in the weeks to come, they’ve lined up everything from poetry reading to drawing sessions.

For more information, visit

07 | Prada

(Image: Prada)

Debuting a series of live conversations, Possible Conversations is a new project by Prada that aims to provoke thought amongst their viewers. Bringing together experts from a variety of fields — including art, technology, fashion and culture — these dialogues hope to offer an escape from our grim realities while exploring the way culture and the world around us is being impacted at the same time.

To watch the dialogue, visit

08 | M Missoni

If there ever was a way for fashion to harvest the vast community of creatives, this is it. Linking up with online creative platform AWAYTOMARS, M Missoni is inviting designers from every country to digitally co-create a capsule collection. By submitting sketches and design ideas on the platform based on three assigned items, M Missoni’s creative director Margherita Maccapani will pick her top nine pieces for the public to vote on. Thereafter, the pieces will then be produced and sold online and in selected stores. Time to get creative!

For more information, visit

09 | Dior

(Image: Sarah Blais for Dior)

If you missed out on attending the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition held in Paris in 2017, you’ve got another chance now. Available on Dior’s YouTube channel, the documentary takes viewers behind the glass cases to reveal how the exhibition came together. Along with that, audiences are also treated to a visual feast of exquisite designs from the house’s archives. Peak the original Bar jacket designed by Christian Dior, the lush textures from John Galliano’s tenure and the clean silhouettes that Raf Simons often favoured. Currently, the video includes English subtitles, and with subtitles in other languages to follow from 22 April onwards.

Visit this link to watch the film

10 | Ermenegildo Zegna

Take a trip to Italy without leaving your seat, thanks to Ermenegildo Zegna’s virtual tour routes. Using VR technology, the Italian brand invites you to unwind as you work your way through their picturesque Oasi Zegna and Fondazione Zegna grounds. Take in the awe-inspiring mountainscapes and forests within the oasis land that the Zegna group is overseeing, or meander through the fondazione grounds to enjoy lush floral gardens that open up to cobbled courtyards and quaint little buildings. It’s the mental break that we could use right now.

To start your journey, click here for Oasi Zegna and here for Fondazione Zegna

11 | REDValentino

(Image: REDValentino)

Breaking away from the webinar crowd, REDValentino is introducing their own Spotify channel as a way of allowing their fans to unwind in the day. With tunes from Fleetwood Mac, Tame Impala and Lana Del Ray ready to lull you into a summer state of mind, it’s the easiest way to take your head out of the bad news cycle and into a state of suspended euphoria.

Furthermore, they’ve also launched an Instagram campaign that encourages users to write digital letters to their loved ones. To take part, download the postcard template and put it on your Instagram story. Tag your friends, and don’t forget to add a REDValentino stamp by searching “REDVSTAMP” in the GIFs section. Choose from one of the three stamp designs (designed by artists Charlotte Farmer, Ollie St Clair Terry, and Matteo Giuntini), and send it off to make someone’s day.

For REDValentino’s Spotify, visit this link.

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