The First Sign Of Sensitive Skin? Dryness, Says BEIGIC Founder Kate Namgung

Made with green coffee beans, BEIGIC isn’t just gentle on your skin but good for your senses too.

The First Sign Of Sensitive Skin? Dryness, Says BEIGIC Founder Kate Namgung
Kate Namgung, founder of BEIGIC

Skincare made with coffee grounds is not new, but K-beauty brand BEIGIC sets itself apart by using both freshly roasted coffee grounds and green coffee bean oil in its products. These are derived from fair trade and organic green coffee beans from Peru.

As Kate Namgung, who founded BEIGIC in 2018, after stints in Paris, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore in the beauty and skincare industry, reminds us during a Zoom interview: “Green coffee bean offers essential amino acids to boost production of natural collagen and elastin, smooth fine lines and tighten pores.”

BEIGIC is 100% vegan and free of the 5 negatives: synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, silicones, sulfates and parabens. Namgung, who suffered sensitive skin and battled breakouts, was introduced vegan skincare by a friend. Even though they produced results, they also often smelled funky. That was how she started to conceptualise BEIGIC.

Now available on home-grown multi-label e-tailer Society A, BEIGIC skincare, haircare and body care is suitable for all skin types. Read on for Namgung’s tips on caring for sensitive skin.

With a 3-step approach to release, recharge and defend, BEIGIC seeks to combine skincare with self-care.

You were inspired to start BEIGIC after successfully overcoming problems related to sensitive skin. What are signs that one should not ignore of sensitive skin?
The first signs I experienced was my skin starting to “feel dry”, which lasted for more than a week. I blamed it on not using enough hydrating products and not getting enough sleep. Later I realised the problem was much more serious; as it turned out, my skin was not able to balance and maintain the skin moisture barrier. Since I didn’t react quickly enough to resolve it, my skin became more irritated. So it’s important to pay extra attention to your skin if it feels dry for no particular reason for more than a week.

The biggest myth about sensitive skin you want to debunk?
If you have sensitive skin, your skin will be sensitive forever – that’s not true. In the same way, I’d never thought my skin would become sensitive as I hardly ever had skin troubles. But I was completely wrong. Our skin actively reacts to the environment we live in, especially daily aggressors. If you understand what triggers your skin irritation, and eliminate or reduce those elements, you can put a stop to the damage they bring about and help resolve the symptoms in the long run. My point is, anybody can experience “sensitive skin” at any time, and it’s most definitely not a chronic condition.

How does BEIGIC Regenerating Oil benefit sensitive skin?  
There are various certified organisations that conduct specific tests with definitive protocols to evaluate if a product or formula irritates different types of skin, including sensitive skin. BEIGIC’s Regenerating Oil received a “zero irritation” report from one of the top laboratories in Korea – it’s the best grade for these tests.

BEIGIC Regenerating Oil is made with 17 vegan ingredients, including green coffee bean, argan, jojoba, rosehip and almond oils, to moisturise and brighten your skin. Apply 3 to 4 drops after toner.

That’s not all; we’ve also had positive feedback from consumers with sensitive skin, who shared that after spending years trying to find the perfect oil that doesn’t cause any skin irritation, they are so happy to finally find the solution with BEIGIC Regenerating Oil.

Your best maskne recovery tip?
Exfoliate regularly. If you have sensitive skin, opt for a gentle exfoliator. Removing dead cells from the surface allows your skin to breathe and prevent breakouts caused by frequent mask-wearing.

Many women love BEIGIC skincare. Are there plans to introduce a range for men too? 
Our current collection for skin, hair and body can be used by men too. One product popular among men is Beigic Volumizing Shampooing Scrub. They use a lot of hair styling product every day, which is not easy to wash off with regular shampoo. The residue can eventually block pores on the scalp and lead to irritation and hair loss.

BEIGIC Volumizing Shampooing Scrub is packed with 31 ingredients such as green coffee bean oil, sea salt, charcoal, mint menthol and argan oil. It rids sebum and impurities to restore radiance to hair.  

Beigic Volumizing Shampooing Scrub contains sea salt, mint menthol and organic Fairtrade green coffee bean extract to deeply cleanse hair, gently exfoliate the scalp and restore moisture and radiance to your mane. It has a refreshing scent and leaves your senses invigorated every time. If I want to introduce a range specifically for men, I’d want to have a stronger and fresher scent… as for the item, perhaps something that can help reduce irritation caused by shaving?

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