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Kew Organics Offers The Essentials Done Well — And Naturally

We tried two of their signature treatments and said goodbye to our dreaded maskne.

Kew Organics Offers The Essentials Done Well — And Naturally
Kew Organics

Facial treatments have come a long way from an untrained therapist lathering product on your visage and mashing your cheeks like they were tough potatoes. These days, it’s almost expected to encounter new-fangled technology and machinery at a spa. At Kew Organics, that sort of tech is par for the course — they offer services like LED therapy, oxygen infusions, as well as their proprietary Cryo Posh Organic Treatment (the latter two of which we recently tried). 

Which is not to say that Kew Organics is run of the mill: any spa can offer these treatments, but few can execute them well. And Kew Organics, as we discovered, certainly does them well.

If all the beauty-related jargon gets confusing after a while, it’s relieving to know that Kew Organics takes the stress off your shoulders with its bespoke consultations — just show up, and an experienced therapist will begin examining your face and skincare routine more carefully than a nosy suitor.

Our Kew Organics journey began with an analysis of our face and skincare habits.Kew Organics

In our case, we rocked up to their cosy Cluny Court outlet sporting a fresh face of maskne (no thanks to weeks of sweltering weather and stuffy surgical masks) and surrendered our complexion into the hands of a tender and patient therapist.

Our therapist recommended Kew Organics’ Hydra O2 Multi-Solution Facial, along with one of the brand’s newest treatments, the Cryo Posh Organic Facial, to help ease the acne and redness.  

Once the cursory (and meticulous) round of extractions were out of the way, we started with the Hydra O2 Multi-Solution Facial, where a machine would spray highly concentrated oxygen molecules deep into the skin to promote cellular regeneration. Where Kew Organics differs is in the use of their in-house brand of products in the treatment, which are all formulated with non-GMO ingredients that are  certified organic — so your skin gets full-on nourishment. 

The Hydra O2 Multi-Solution Facial left us feeling pleasantly hydrated and supple.Kew Organics

After the oxygen facial left us feeling pleasantly soothed and supple, we moved on to the Cryo Posh Organic Facial. If you’ve ever noticed that your skin gets better in colder climates, this treatment operates on the same logic — but takes it to the extreme.

A carefully-placed wand will introduce temperatures as low as -15 degrees to problematic spots on the face to calm and nourish damaged skin. Don’t worry, the process is entirely painless, if not refreshing. 
As always, Kew Organics’ products — in our case, their Megaboost Hyaluronic+ Concentrate Serum and some spritzes of the Deluxe Hydra Nutrient Mist — are liberally applied at every step of the treatment.

  • The Cryo Posh Organic Facial helped soothe our irritated skin and reduce redness.Kew Organics
  • We’re not calling the Megaboost Hyaluronic+ Concentrate Serum a Holy Grail, but it comes pretty close.Kew Organics

The treatment was rounded off by a soothing face mask made of — what else? — the brand’s own products, and punctuated by a thoughtful neck and shoulder massage aided by some natural lavender oils. And so concluded our time at Kew Organics.

We emerged with visibly hydrated skin and no facial redness (sans some angry, just-lanced zits that were in the process of calming down), and were sent away with a bottle of their delicious-smelling Megaboost Hyaluronic+ Concentrate Serum. That serum — which, apart from making one’s complexion smell like a particularly tantalising dessert — also helped clear away said maskne after a week, thanks to the inclusion of Indian Gooseberries to increase collagen production, as well as Asafoetida extracts to control sebum production and retain moisture. 

In short, we’d most definitely visit Kew Organics again, hopefully without a face full of maskne next time — but even if that happens, we’d know where to go.

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