Is Defying The Signs of Ageing Truly Possible?

The answer is yes — and it lies in cell care, says Noesa.

Is Defying The Signs of Ageing Truly Possible?

Over decades, countless technologies and findings from world-renowned brands have lead to claims of being “the anti-ageing skin solution of choice”. Now, Berlin-based researcher Gerd Gerken has discovered two key ingredients that are not only scientifically proven to be effective — but are also the secret behind his stunning new skincare line, Noesa.

The founder of the brand, Gerken believes that when it comes to delaying skin ageing, cell care should be the focus. According to him, improving one’s cell activity levels results in healthy and youthful cells. Working closely with Nobel Prize winners, he developed the important technologies that make up Noesa’s DNA — Alchemetics and Danadem.

The Science Behind Noesa

Alchemetics is a unique biophotonic substance extracted from wild plants growing in high altitudes on the Southern French Alps through a proprietary distillation process by Noesa scientists. The power-packed substance is prized for its ability to nourish and optimise cells at an intracellular level.

Berlin-based researcher Gerd Gerken, founder of Noesa

Danadem functions as a sophisticated delivery system for Alchemetics to penetrate effectively into the skin cells. It’s a unique innovation with nine patents, and delivers optimal results including improved cell renewal, cell healing and hydration. 

What you’ll end up with, over time, is skin that is more youthful and resilient — with results that last.

Does It Work?

We put the Anti-Aging Concentrate and Anti-Wrinkle Repair Mask to the test.

After toning, smooth two pumps of the Anti-Aging Concentrate into the skin. The lightweight gel-like formula penetrates the skin immediately and leaves it feeling velvety to the touch. It also imparts a soft, well-hydrated glow. Next comes two to three pumps of the Anti-Wrinkle Repair Mask. Even with its thicker and creamier texture, it sinks effortlessly into the skin, leaving a light, non-sticky protective “cocoon” to lock in the Concentrate’s active ingredients. Both products diffuse a therapeutic botanical fragrance that soothes.

Upon waking the next day, you will notice that your skin has achieved a healthy and radiant glow. With use over the next few weeks, forehead and marionette lines, as well as crow’s feet, appear to be significantly diminished. The appearance of dark under-eye circles and hyperpigmentation spots will ease gradually too. Aside from a more youthful and even complexion, the products also leave the skin feeling more resilient, hydrated and restored.

From texture to technology, Noesa is the luxury skincare that truly delivers. 

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