Skincare That’s Also About Cell Care

German brand Noesa’s founder Gerd Gerken worked with Nobel Prize scientists to harvest rare plant biophotons that keep your cells — and by extension, your skin — young, healthy and resilient.

Skincare That’s Also About Cell Care

Step into German skincare brand Noesa’s first boutique in Singapore at Raffles Singapore and the first thing you notice is how everything — from the sleek pump bottles (handmade from aluminium to prolong the efficacy of its ingredients) to the clutter-free display counters — is minimalist and cutting-edge.

To label Noesa a skincare brand would be to undermine its true DNA. The brand, which hails from Berlin, prides itself on not just being a skincare brand. It is a cell care brand, and a very high-tech one at that. 

Founder Gerd Gerken, an intellectual whiz famous in his homeland for his nose for innovation, started Noesa in 2004. Its name translates roughly to “mystery of light”; and light is, well, its guiding light. 

Gerken worked with three Nobel Prize–winning scientists to discover and harness the safest, purest energy for skin cells. His belief: the key to skincare is cell care because cells’ activity levels determine how your skin looks and feels. If your cells are kept young and healthy, they will help you look young too. 

But healthy cells need to be fed. Hence, Gerken and his team learnt about biophotons, the light power stored naturally in wild plants that help them repair themselves, even in the harshest environments like high-altitude Alpine regions. When used in skincare, biophotons are believed to help skin cells recover and rejuvenate just as well too.

Noesa uses only plants from the Alps mountains that flourish at an altitude of 1,000m (that’s higher than Dubai’s Burj Khalifa) in the south of France. These wild plants are seasonal, making them limited in number and more precious than synthetic ingredients. Even among these rare plants, only one percent make it through Noesa’s stringent quality control process. 

The brand uses a distillation method to extract biophotons from its chosen plants. The biophotons are then turned into super energy substances known as alchemetics. To ensure this reaches deep into skin cells where they can work the hardest, Noesa invented a carrier system called Danadem. This boasts nine patents and a molecular structure that’s the same as that of skin, making it very compatible and able to penetrate right to the core of skin cells. 

Using the power of light to moisturise and repair your skin 

One key product from Noesa that benefits from all this scientific precision is Cleansing with Conditioning. A cleansing milk, this can be used in myriad ways. The most basic way is to apply the nourishing milk on dry skin and with dry hands, and massage in a circular motion for about a minute. Then gently wipe off any excess product and rinse. 

The cleansing milk removes sunblock and, to some extent, light makeup. Like its name suggests, Cleansing with Conditioning will leave a highly hydrating veil on your skin for hours after, akin to the effect of using a moisturising lotion, for instance. 

The product also works as a cleansing mask. Apply eight pumps, leave it on for two to three minutes, and wipe off with cotton pads and rinse. The result: a soft, dewy complexion.

To prolong the moisturising results, use Noesa’s Double Moisturizer. Ideal for acne-prone skin that gets dry and itchy easily, this lightweight product moisturises and repairs. As your skin’s topmost and inner layers require different forms of moisturisers, Double Moisturizer is made with two of the brand’s innovations, Genovetics and Complex Cluster Crystals, one for each of your skin’s hydration needs.  

The Double Moisturizer also helps balance your skin’s natural moisture and sebum levels without drying it out and making it increasingly dependent on higher doses of skincare in the long term. After two weeks of use, expect skin that is less oily and flaky. Instead, your skin now absorbs other skincare more readily than before — and that means a higher ROI. 

328 North Bridge Road, #01-23 Raffles Hotel Arcade; Tel: 9754 6967; noesa.com.sg

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