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This Is Why You Should Add Veritas Medical Aesthetics To Your Beauty Black Book

From skin woes to hair affairs, Veritas Medical Aesthetics has got you covered.

If staring back at your own reflection during Zoom meetings has made you take notice of wrinkles, eye bags, dark circles, thinning hair and weight gain, you’re probably not alone.

Aside from lifestyle changes that come with working from home, these are also possible symptoms resulting from stress-related issues such as insomnia and depression. In fact, even before Covid-19 reshaped the landscapes of our lives and bodies, a Straits Times article in 2019 already reported how Singaporeans spent up to $3.1 billion a year on stress-related illnesses.

Common sense tells us that regular exercise, adopting a more nutrient-dense diet, and sleeping at regular hours can do wonders to alleviate stress. In turn, this can help us look fresher and brighter. But when we’re all pressed for time, it can be a challenge monitoring all of that on top of your busy work and family commitments.

But what if you can diminish all those symptoms just by spending only an hour every month or two in the hands of experienced doctors? Dr Chua Cheng Yu and Dr Lena Fan are offering just that at Veritas Medical Aesthetics.

Veritas invests in high technology gadgets that not only deliver real results for their patients, but also save them time. Their state-of-the-art 18-laser setup is the clinic’s pride, and it allows both doctors to administer treatments adapted to every individual with precision, speed, and results.

18-laser Setup

Laser treatments are available to treat or enhance your skin.

The clinic’s 18-laser setup allows Dr Fan to apply different lasers in varying application modes to treat a myriad of issues, ranging from skin sagging, pigmentation, and fine lines. From the 18 lasers they employ, Dr Chua and Dr Fan formulated aesthetic protocols such as BLADELESS, PERFECT,and BLEND to target these specific needs.

BLADELESS addresses sagging skin, a common sign of ageing. It is also commonly observed in those who lack sleep and have a nutrient-deficient diet. This combination of lasers promises to lift the skin and restore its youthful bounce. PERFECT addresses dull and textured skin, using lasers to target deep wrinkles and even “ice-pick” scars. BLEND is the laser protocol for acne-ravaged skin and overactive sebaceous glands. It reduces the appearance of angry blemishes, enlarged pores, and helps to even out one’s skin tone.

Hair Today, More Tomorrow

Hair and scalp treatments are also available at Veritas Medical Aesthetics.

Stress can also induce and exacerbate androgenic alopecia (hair loss). For those with mild hair fall, Dr Chua highly recommends the Fotona Hair Restart Laser to promote hair regrowth and strengthen the hair follicles. For those with receding hairlines, Dr Chua offers hope with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Treatment at an affordable price. This hair grafting technique involves transplanting hair follicles from the back of the scalp to fill out and rebuild hairlines. While this method is relatively more time-consuming and costly, patients who have undergone FUE hair transplant rave about its pronounced and permanent results, making it a worthy investment to consider.

Shape Of You

Manage your physique with body sculpting treatments.

The phenomenon “Covid 15” refers to the weight gain stemming from increased snacking and decreased exercise as we shift our lifestyle to spending most of our time at home. While you may be the select few that welcomes the average 1.5-pound weight gain per month and what that has done for your appearance, do note that it comes with increased risks of disease, especially in someone who is highly stressed.

Where a disciplined diet and exercise routine have not helped with fat reduction, especially in stubborn areas such as love handles, belly fat, and double chin, Dr Chua recommends CoolSculpting. This is a cryolipolysis treatment that works by targeting and “freezing” fat cells so they can be broken down and eliminated permanently from the body.

Visceral fats are viewed by doctors as more dangerous than subcutaneous fats because they accumulate around our internal organs and pose many health risks including heart diseases. Dr Chua recommends Redustim as a solution. This innovative treatment uses low-frequency electromagnetic waves to reduce them.

When it comes to body contouring, fat reduction is only half of the work. Muscles that define our curves and lines can be built without sweat and pain using TruSculpt Flex. This treatment uses Bio-Electrical Muscle Stimulation (BEMS) to send electrical signals that cause our muscles to contract. This is especially helpful for patients who want to sculpt specific areas such as growing their glutes without overdeveloping their thighs.

Drastic weight loss or ageing often result in loose skin. To tighten them, Dr. Chua recommends treatments such as Fotona Piano and TightSculpting to give a firmer and more taut appearance. Ultraformer is a more intense treatment that helps with lifting even the deepest layers of the skin, reducing the appearance of stubbornly saggy areas such as neck jowls.

Though these can kickstart your journey to a healthier and more trim physique, Dr. Chua highlights that these treatments should only be used to complement a balanced diet and exercise for prolonged results.

Specially for Women

Dr Chua Cheng Yu and Dr Lena Fan of Veritas Medical Aesthetics.

In a woman’s life, there are unique and beautiful milestones such as pregnancy, birthing and breastfeeding. But these milestones also leave marks that not every woman is eager to embrace. Loosening of vaginal walls and sagging bosoms are two common concerns.

Many ladies take comfort in the hands of Dr. Lena Fan to help them treat these issues unique to the female body. As part of Veritas Medical Aesthetics’ signature 18-laser setup, the Fotona Intimalase protocol refers to a combination of non-ablative gynaecological lasers used by Dr. Fan to tighten vaginal walls safely and effectively.  Saggy breasts are lifted with the Intima Bust Lift treatment where non-ablative lasers are used to promote collagen and elastin production to lift the bosoms. Even concerns that stem from hormonal changes, such as skin darkening on the underarms, vulva and areola, can be treated completely to restore your natural beauty.

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