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Mindful Working is Always on the Table with Omnidesk

Benjamin Huang, the company’s managing director, tells us why ergonomic desks are underrated yet essential.

Mindful Working is Always on the Table with Omnidesk
Benjamin Huang, CEO of Omnidesk

A first mover in the adjustable desk category, Omnidesk’s well-designed customisable desks and accessories are favoured by many for their pleasing aesthetics and functionality — essential elements in enhancing the mental well-being and productivity of the user. While there are now other brands that are riding the standing desk wave, Benjamin Huang, managing director of Omnidesk, says the brand invests in continually improving their product, down to the tiniest detail, to stay ahead of the curve. He shares his insights on how working from home has drawn awareness to the importance of workplace wellness.

How does an ergonomic, adjustable desk enhance one’s well-being?

The desk is the most underestimated tool in the workspace. We can have thousands of dollars worth of computers, monitors and chairs but most people spend the least on their tables, getting any variant that “works”. But a quality table does more than that. It holds your expensive equipment securely and with ample size and proper cable management systems, it provides a clutter-free environment. A height-adjustable desk also allows you to have your monitors at the most appropriate height, so you don’t strain your neck or back after prolonged usage; it also allows you to either stand or sit while working or having a conference call.

How has the rise of working from home increased people’s awareness of workplace wellness?

With more time spent at home, people have started to realise the importance of having a proper workspace for work. Unlike in the office where they don’t have much of a choice, they now have the freedom and opportunity to focus on how to improve their productivity. At the same time, being cooped up at home with little physical or social interactions, people tend to get mentally burnt out, especially when the lines between work and off-work become blurred. So the awareness of maintaining proper well-being at work has certainly increased during these trying times.

What are some of the latest innovations your company has introduced to improve wellness at work?

Our R&D team is constantly working to improve on our product regardless of how minor those changes might be. Our latest product is the Omnidesk Ascent, our new flagship standing desk, with improvements that include quicker height adjustment speeds and increased stability with our Frame-X technology, making it easier to switch between sitting and standing. An integrated mobile app enables users to control the desk and track their standing times — this gamification encourages owners to really get active since they can track their standing activity easily.

How do you practise wellness and mindfulness while working?

I always take time to practise a bit of meditation, or just simply shut off and focus on breathing. It can just be a short five minutes, but it plays a huge part in managing stress and anxiety. If given the luxury of more time away from the desk, I go on short walks around the office block just to get some fresh air.

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