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Gems For Your Gem: Glittering Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Because what is Valentine’s Day without a little sparkle?

Gems For Your Gem: Glittering Gifts For Valentine’s Day
Whether you've put a ring on it or not, it's always nice to get a little glitter during Valentine's Day. And in case you're on the market, pictured is the Tiffany True engagement ring in platinum.Tiffany & Co.

It’s that time of year again, when the chocolate boxes turn pink, florists work overtime, and dinner reservations for two fill up all the restaurant bookings. It’s Valentine’s Day. And just in case you were in the market for a gift to remind your significant other of their importance in your life, here are our top jewellery picks to make Valentine’s Day extra sweet.

01 | Bvlgari

Bvlgari’s B.Zero1 rings are collected by jewellery lovers the world over — no wonder, since the Italian marque is constantly creating new iterations of its classic banded design. The latest creation, the B.Zero1 Rock, is the most audacious version that Bvlgari has created to date, and would be perfect for the rock chick (or dude, we don’t discriminate) in your life.

Instead of the smooth spiral bands that form the middle of the ring, the new B.Zero1 Rock has rows of pyramid-shaped studs for that rebellious oomph. The collection comprises rings in two different widths, pendants, and bracelets. And of course, everything is available with or without diamonds.

02 | Piaget

Piaget’s Possession ring, with its free-spinning outer ring that twirls endlessly, is considered one of the most iconic symbols of love and marriage. Now, the brand has also extended that collection to other products, including bracelets, necklaces, and even watches. And yes, all of them still have the signature spinning rings. Any item from the collection would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved.

For a more feminine touch, however, you may prefer to gift something from Piaget’s Rose collection, which uses the iconic flower of love as a central motif. We particularly like the double earring, which is perhaps the most modern way to wear a flower tucked behind your ear.

03 | Pomellato

These colourful gem-studded rings from Italian jeweller Pomellato’s Iconica collection would be perfect for your quirky fashion-forward partner. Not only are the rings studded with a number of different gemstones — pink tourmalines, orange, blue, and green sapphires, amethysts, tsavorites, and red spinels, just to name a few — but the setting of each gem is shaped differently to add an extra touch of whimsy. The rings are available in two different widths, and are also accompanied by a pendant necklace.

04 | Blancpain

Swiss watchmaker Blancpain’s Valentine’s Day Watch is always — if you will excuse the pun — one to watch. The 2020 edition is particularly special, as it was inspired by a similar Blancpain timepiece owned by the inimitable Marilyn Monroe herself. The watch is distinctly art deco in style, with a geometric case studded liberally with brilliant-and marquise-cut diamonds. The mother-of-pearl dial is inlaid with two butterflies, whose wings are made of heart-shaped diamonds and rubies. And of course, because this is Blancpain, the movement is also beautiful — the rectangular shape of the calibre 510 fits perfectly into the case. Limited edition of 14 pieces.

05 | Dior

“Oui, oui, oui!” — We expect that that’s going to be the refrain of the recipient of any piece from Dior’s brand new Oui jewellery collection. Perhaps the most whimsical and wearable of all of Dior’s fine jewellery pieces, the collection centres on words such as “oui”, “toi”, “moi”, and “je t’aime” (which mean “yes”, “you”, “me”, and “I love you” in French), shaped out of fine gold wire and dotted with brilliant-cut diamonds. Who says that you can’t wear your heart on your finger?

06 | Tiffany & Co

Say it with love (and pearls), says Tiffany & Co. The American heritage brand has plenty of jewellery pieces for you to gift your beau this Valentine’s Day — although we dare say that the most desirable is the one in the anchor image above. If you are not in the market for a platinum engagement ring, however, then we suggest taking a gander at the freshwater pearl-and-silver necklace from Tiffany’s chain-heavy HardWear collection instead. The feminine pearls combine with the thick chain and padlock to create a lovely urban-chic vibe. If you prefer something more overtly feminine, however, the brand also offers more straightforward pearl rings.

07 | Van Cleef & Arpels

There is no story more romantic than that of Romeo and Juliet, and there is no jeweller better at telling stories through gemstones than the inimitable Van Cleef & Arpels. Its Romeo and Juliet high jewellery collection vividly captures Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers at the height of their budding romance. The star pieces in the collection are most definitely the brooches shaped after Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. Romeo is decked out in Montague-blue sapphires, while Juliet is dressed in Capulet-red rubies and garnets. The bouquet of purple flowers in Romeo’s hand represents the merger of the two feuding houses. Poetic, no?

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