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Giorgio Armani’s New High Jewellery Line Epitomises Pared-Back Sophistication

The entire collection is chic, curated, and eminently wearable.

Giorgio Armani’s New High Jewellery Line Epitomises Pared-Back Sophistication

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani has long been beloved for his elegant, refined clothing — expertly tailored, and never over-the-top. Now, Armani has extended his reach into the high jewellery world, expertly shaping gold and diamonds with the same sophistication that is so prominent in his garments.

Giorgio Armani’s jewellery, like his fashion, has a purity of design, with clean lines and shapes that largely eschew any extraneous detailing. While the pieces may seem overly simplistic at first, a second glance reveals their minimalist appeal.

Giorgio Armani’s Borgonuovo line focuses on the brand’s geometric logo.

The entire collection is conceived around three main themes, each exploring a different aspect of the Giorgio Armani universe. Borgonuovo focuses on the brand’s iconic logo, whose geometric shape serves as dazzling decoration.

The Sì series, on the other hand, was inspired by the brand’s fragrance of the same name. The scent is unapologetically feminine, and is dominated by florals — so, too, the jewellery, which is largely composed of diamonds and onyx sculpted in the shape of a five-petaled flower.

Sì focuses on the floral notes characteristic of Giorgio Armani’s fragrance of the same name.

The final series, Firmamento, is the most ornate of them all, centred around the brilliant glow of stars in the night sky — a recurring theme in Armani’s fashion collections. Expect plenty of stylised stars and crescent moons, all glittering brilliantly under light, whether it be day or night.

“High jewellery, made with precious stones according to a meticulous artisan process, is a natural evolution of my love for precious accessories,” says Armani himself of his new collection. “I find the idea of jewellery as something destined to last over time, and the way in which it can represent a woman by revealing something about her, truly fascinating.”

Firmamento is themed around the glitter found in the night sky.

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