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Harry Winston’s HW Logo Collection: Wedding Jewels As Unique As True Love

The HW Logo Collection marries romance and legacy.

Few can resist the allure of a Harry Winston diamond ring. And women admired for their style and taste have famously said “yes” to it.

Eponymous founder Mr Harry Winston believed that apart from diamonds, no gemstone best symbolised the purity of love. Although Harry Winston’s diamond engagement rings would become the reference for commitment among the rich, famous and fabulous – all of whom were drawn to the King of Diamonds’ exceptional gemstones, brilliant craftsmanship and stellar reputation – using rings as a token of love was something that began from way back, during the time of the ancient Egyptians.

The Egyptians used rings to signify the bond between spouses because they regarded the circle as a symbol of eternity. These bands were worn on the fourth finger of the left hand as they believed that it enclosed a special vein, the vena amoris, that connected directly to the heart. In ancient Rome and Greece too, rings were considered part of marital dowry and seen as tokens of fidelity.

It would be centuries later, in 1477, that history would have its first well-documented event of a diamond ring being used to signify engagement. Archduke Maximilian of Austria won the hand and heart of Mary of Burgundy when he gifted her a ring; it was decorated with diamonds that formed her first initial, no less.

Perhaps it should be him we should be thanking for pairing diamonds with forever?

The idea that a ring — with diamonds — would be used as a precious symbol of intent and commitment, prevailed well past the 15th century and into modern society. From promise rings to wedding bands, the proverbial diamond ring has become a popular expression of love everlasting.

Offering its own interpretation of the first known engagement ring is Harry Winston’s HW Logo Collection. First presented as a diamond solitaire, it features a round brilliant diamond stone held between the brand’s diamond-set initials and logotypes, “H” and “W”. With the letters also representing the titles “husband” and “wife”, Harry Winston offers a unique take on this emblem of commitment.  

Meticulously handcrafted from platinum, each setting uses a minimal amount of metal so as to focus all attention on the diamond’s fire and brilliance. These carefully selected colourless diamonds (D, E, F colour) are available in three stone sizes — 0.5ct, 0.7ct and 1.00ct — with the largest also offered with Harry Winston’s signature micropave setting.

Harry Winston also added wedding bands to the collection. Designed to match its engagement rings and offered in yellow, white or rose gold, these feature the jeweller’s iconic lozenge. Recalling the structural silhouette of the classical emerald-cut — also Mr Winston’s favourite diamond cut — the HW hallmark is a symbol of excellence that reinforces the brand’s prominent standing in the jewellery world. It has been a proud emblem for the jewellery house for more than five decades and has been adopted into part of its design language.

In addition to being showcased alongside scintillating diamonds in the HW Logo Collection, which now includes an assortment of pendants, earrings and bracelets, the iconic lozenge also echoes the case shape of Harry Winston’s elegant Emerald watch collection. These elegant watches are available in two sizes — 18mm and 33mm — and come in a variety of materials including white, rose or yellow gold along with different coloured straps. While the former is conceived as an elegant companion for ladies, the latter serves as a perfect dress watch for men who prefer a little discretion. Horophiles will be delighted to know that some versions beat to a mechanical heart equipped with a skeletonised rotor and flat silicon balance spring.

Engagement rings, wedding bands, bridal jewellery as well as his and hers timepieces – how’s that for sorting out those wedding jewels?

From 23 Sept to 17 Oct, Harry Winston will be hosting by-appointment-only bridal seminars at its flagship salon at Ion Orchard. Click here to book your private appointment.

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