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Hermès Spring/summer 2023 Menswear: 9 Looks To Add To your List

Nothing was particularly linear for the maison’s spring/summer 2023 menswear collection.

Hermès Spring/summer 2023 Menswear: 9 Looks To Add To your List
Image: Hermès.

If summer evokes a sense of freedom and desire for wandering into new experiences, the Hermès spring/summer 2023 menswear collection was designed to help fulfil those endeavours. Lightness permeated through every look in the collection, with details cleverly rendered to underscore a sense of deviation from conformity.

Colours played a key role in helping to keep the collection from feeling weighed down. Even towards the end of the line-up where black became prominent, it was largely paired with the collection’s brights in the form of lilac, pastel oranges and yellows, and bubble gum pink — all acting as refreshing accents.

  • Look 9.Image: Hermès.
  • Look 2.Image: Hermès.
  • Look 15.Image: Hermès.

Artistic director Véronique Nichanian concentrated on ensuring that nothing seemed too straightforward in the details. This was especially evident in the placement of patch pockets on shirting and outerwear. Instead of plastering them straight on (as one typically would), they were left somewhat askew, giving a subtle nuance of a look being a bit off.

The approach continued on to the visual elements of the Hermès spring/summer 2023 menswear collection. Checks and topstitches were intentionally wavy; when they’re not, a separate element would break away from the uniformity. Knitwear featured undulating designs that at times, appeared to disappear into side seams.

While most brands of late have been showing small versions of bags, Nichanian opted for roomy classics — designed to be perfect accompaniments to travels near and far. The emblematic HAC bags adopted the collection’s skewed aesthetics with distorted checks decorating its entire silhouette.

  • Look 31.Image: Hermès.
  • Look 23.Image: Hermès.
  • Look 32.Image: Hermès.
  • Look 46.Image: Hermès.
  • Look 50.Image: Hermès.
  • Look 42.Image: Hermès.

But if there’s one thing (out of many) that I have my eyes on, it would be the collection’s shorts. Sure, they perhaps might look like any other shorts you could immediately get right now, but the Hermès spring/summer 2023 versions were cut wide and voluminous yet in a manner that were not exaggeratedly so. In other words, a summer staple one could wear every time the mercury rises.

Special mention also goes to the abstract lobster (or crayfish as per the collection notes) prints adorned on a number of pieces. Personally, they looked better than the seahorse ones that I feel looked pretty kiddish and added levity to the entire collection in a sophisticated manner.

View the full Hermès spring/summer 2023 menswear collection in the gallery below.

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