5 Italian Jewellery Brands To Explore At JeweLuxe Gallery

Exceptional works of art by these labels showcase the unparalleled skill and style of Italian jewellers.

5 Italian Jewellery Brands To Explore At JeweLuxe Gallery

We might not be able to travel to view the most exquisite Italian jewellery brands in their native land, but this month JeweLuxe has teamed up with Oro di Italia to bring the peninsula’s best to Singapore. The collaborative showcase, held at the JeweLuxe Gallery at Scotts Square until 24 September, presents the finest creativity, craftsmanship and ingenuity that Italy’s jewellery industry has to offer. Built upon the theme “Roman Holiday”, the showcase comprises five brands that each bring an unique perspective to the exploration of Latin flair and romance with their iconic creations.

01 | Angeletti

Founded in 1940, the House of Angeletti spans three generations that have remained true to their mission of creating jewels based on traditional craftsmanship with innovative designs. Currently led by Roberto Angeletti, the brand embodies rich history but brought to life with a contemporary touch.

Inspired by the sea, the audacious and feminine Wave Collection manifests a calm but powerful energy, and its necklaces and bracelets bear the specially commissioned custom-cut gemstones shaped to replicate the curvature of ocean waves. Meanwhile, the Embrace collection features mesmerising coloured gemstones set snugly among gold — a physical representation of the power of love, and an unconventional but arresting choice for engagement rings.

02 | Chantecler

Chantecler was founded in 1947 in Capri by friends Pietro Capuano and Salvatore Aprea; the former was heir to a noble family of Neapolitan jewellers, and the latter was the imaginative creative whose zest for life inspired the spirit of Chantecler. The Maiolica collection is imbued with gaiety and energy, and the colours and motifs that form the basis of the range call to mind the scenery found in the sunny Mediterranean holiday destination — particularly the “evil eye” symbol, the bright turquoise waters, and the vibrant hand-painted ceramic tiles that adorn villas, streets and resorts — which it recreates with precious gemstones and masterful geometry.

03 | Pasquale Bruni

Across two generations, Pasquale Bruni has created exceptional jewels that express the vera passione that woman exude. Founded by the Pasquale Bruni in Valenza, the brand is now helmed by his daughter, Eugenia, whose acumen and sensibility injects a contemporary and feminine spirit into the designs, and his son, Daniele, who demonstrates an exceptionally skillful approach with sourcing top-quality gemstones that bring the brand’s handcrafted pieces to life. Together, the Bruni family have launched iconic jewels such as those within the Ghirlanda, Sissi, Bon Ton and Giardini Segreti collections.

The achingly romantic Giardini Segreti (Secret Garden) collection is based on the idea that flowers are like friends that bring colours to one’s world. The range embodies both elegance and boldness, and recall flowers in full bloom in Italian gardens. Virtuosity can be found in the careful construction of each petal, set with a dazzling shimmer of diamonds that imbue a spirited vitality to the creation. Meanwhile, the Bon Ton collection places precious cabochon-cut gemstones centre stage, through an abstract design based on a five-petal flower. The refined, subtle motif lends a soft, romantic yet casual touch to any ensemble.

04 | Crivelli

Synonymous with a modern chromatic combination of precious gems, Crivelli has established a reputation for extraordinary limited-edition works of art bearing surprising textures and bold spirit, ever since its beginnings in the 1970s. Case in point: The brand’s Black Rhodium collection, crafted with white gold and diamonds, exudes richness, ferocity and a futuristic edginess, without compromising on technical quality, while the dark hues employed add an alluring air of mystery to the range.

05 | Marco Bicego

With roots going back to 1958, the Marco Bicego brand began with its eponymous founder receiving training from his father, Giuseppe, at the latter’s atelier and from other goldsmithing artisans in the Veneto region of northern Italy. Insisting on the finest quality of craftsmanship, Bicego ensures the entire production process is conducted in-house, from smelting 18k gold, to the signature hand-engraving and coil technique. Unmatched goldsmithing expertise can be seen in the brand’s Lunaria collection, an iconic range that feature an mesmerising fine line texture, resulting in a smooth satin finish.

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