Party Time

Kyan Kim Transforms Into An Autobot On Turning Eight

Along with parents John and Elaine Kim and brothers Luke and Nathanael Kim

Kyan Kim Transforms Into An Autobot On Turning Eight

It isn’t every day that Bumblebee comes to visit at home. Kyan Kim’s transformer-themed eighth birthday party in June was eleborately prepared with Autobot Fuel (red and blue drinks) and lots of fast-food fillers. His team of autobots were thus well-prepared against the Decepti-Corn (popcorn station). A few of them were even clad in full camouflage when they rolled out to the garden for a laser tag war at the call of “Commander Kyan”. Both children and adult guests including Dr Calvin Chan had a fun-filled Sunday with this party that’s a boy’s dream come true.

Elaine, Kyan, John and Nathanael Kim
Ilaan Mahajan and Luke Kim
Nathanael Kim
Caitlin, Calvin and Sean Chan
Alvin Tan, Joy Su-Tan, Joshua Tan and Emma Tan
Cooper, Jennifer, Logan, Jason and Elisa Iafolla
“Commander Kyan Kim”
Elaine, Kyan and John Kim

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