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Where Confinement For New Mothers Involve Luxury Suites, Facials And Candlelight Dinners

Because your baby — and you — deserve to be pampered.

Where Confinement For New Mothers Involve Luxury Suites, Facials And Candlelight Dinners

Motherhood’s a wonderful thing. But it’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos that comes with welcoming another family member into this world. Save some moments to pamper yourself with these little luxuries before and after baby’s arrival.

Babymoon At The Sanchaya

The Sanchaya’s romantic grounds will give you some much-needed respite away from the city.

Caring for a new baby means couple-time will become even more precious — and scarce. So take every opportunity to enjoy each other’s company now, and make your moments together especially memorable at The Sanchaya.

Less than an hour from Singapore by ferry, The Sanchaya is Bintan’s most luscious estate. Its Baby Love package includes three nights in one of The Sanchaya’s luscious suites — kitted out with clawfoot tubs and soothing views of the surrounding ocean — as well as treatments at its newly renovated spa.

Ask for the Mum To Be massage, a gentle prenatal rubdown that helps improve circulation and release tension in the lower back. It’s a welcome respite from bearing baby’s weight over several months.

Head over the bar for a traditional English afternoon tea, where a mixologist will be happy to conduct a private cocktail-and-mocktail session. Don’t worry; he’s got a special Teetotal tipple that’s both pregnancy-safe and tasty.

Recover With Confinement Services At Kai Suites 

Look forward to confinement with Kai Suites’ luxurious offerings that are designed to ease mums into life with their new tot.

Most women tolerate their confinement with a certain resignation. Sure, you get to stay home, down lots of nourishing soups, and have an extra pair of hands to help with your new bundle of joy — but for some, staying cooped up at home for 30 straight days can bring on a bad case of cabin fever.

If you had to confine yourself somewhere for a lengthy period of time, make sure it’s somewhere swishy — like Kai Suites.

Poised to be a sanctuary for new mums in confinement when it opens in January 2020, its sprawling Dunearn Road grounds includes a spa, a salon, lounges among other wellness services. It offers 18 private suites, all equipped with plush beds, flat-screen TVs, and other luxe trappings you’d expect from any 5-star hotel.

But how Kai Suites differs from regular confinement nannies is its slew of expertly crafted services.

Its meticulous confinement itinerary is ready to be tailored to every mum, right down to the number of days you wish to stay post-delivery. From individual lactation consultation to exercises specially developed for each stage of pregnancy and post-delivery, you will be guided by a team consisting mostly of doctors and nurses.

And for when you’re in dire need of TLC, Kai Suites also offers an extensive range of aesthetic and wellness services, such as hair and skin rejuvenation, mani-pedis, and traditional Javanese Jamu wraps.

Stepping Out In Style With Baby

Baby carriers tend toward the utilitarian — understandably so, if you have to bear the weight akin to a sizeable watermelon for several hours at a go. 

But you don’t need to sacrifice style for the sake of baby, thanks to this baby carrier from Dolce & Gabbana.

Approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for its ergonomic design, this keeps baby’s hips in the appropriate “m” shape, to evenly distribute his weight. It also reduces pressure on your shoulders and lower back. 

Plus, the adorable front pocket and hood can be switched out for different animals like koala and panda. The fuzzy material keeps your baby cosy and amused too.

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