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Mood-Lifting Dresses That Will Give You Sartorial Serotonin

Happiness is just a slip and a zip away

Mood-Lifting Dresses That Will Give You Sartorial Serotonin

With all that’s going on in the world right now, there’s some joy in finding refuge within our closets. After all, when you’ve been living in sweatpants for the past two months, getting all dressed up for the sheer pleasure does something in boosting your mood. Not only do you feel happier, but the routine of your “old normal” also gives you a sense of emotional comfort.

With the approaching middle mark of 2020 bringing back the return of the summer dress, now feels like an opportune moment to get into a joy-giving frock. Beyond the temporary distraction and the hope of being able to wear one of these dresses beyond your front door, these mood-lifting dresses are the perfect antidote to combating cabin fever.

01 | Shimmer and shine

Not that you need any reminders, but you deserve to shine all day, and all the time. There’s something therapeutic about wearing an embellished dress: it’s the promise of a fun night out, of feeling your glamorous best, of stealing the spotlight for yourself. A teal dress with a bright jolt of gold sequins from Gucci or a Burberry dress with all-over embellishment will set you right.

02 | Paint by numbers

Celebratory colour, such as a leafy green dress from Marc Jacobs or a swingy yellow Louis Vuitton number, sets you in the mood for having fun. The added use of single-tone colours also helps to add some visual punch and announces to the world, “I am here”.

03 | Float like a feather

A little bit camp, a little bit diva? Sign us up for feathered dresses. Whether they come in a bright shade of tangerine from Cult Gaia, or layered together with lilac ruffles at Valentino, the mere sight of watching feathers dance gleefully as you move around is enough to elicit a smile.

04 | Fresh cuts

Even though few fashion people like to admit it (thanks Miranda Priestly), but florals are always a surefire of feeling summer-ready. It’s like having your own garden everywhere you go! This season, we’re opting for 3D flowers a la Versace’s chainmail dress, or a fitted mini with resplendent blooms from Richard Quinn.

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