09Oct 21
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Can The Knicker Queen Save Victoria’s Secret?

With its push-up bras, thongs and questionable catwalk shows, Victoria’s Secret was woefully out of touch with what women want now. So how can it revive its reputation? Janie Schaffer, its new head of design, tells John Arlidge her plan to polish up the tarnished brand.

26Sep 21

10 Best Ponchos From FW21 Runways

If you buy only one thing for FW2021, make it a cape or a poncho. Comfy, cocooning and uncomplicated, they’re the wearable hug we all need right now.

21Aug 21

5 Top Menswear Trends From FW21

A focus on comfort was prevalent throughout the collections, but it didn’t stop there. Designers embraced exuberance and creativity, with the collective hope that the new normal we are entering will be one that’s better.

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