Man's New Best Friend

Pearl Necklaces For Men? Bring It On

Pearl necklaces aren’t just for the ladies anymore, with new and interesting variations that transcend gender.

Pearl Necklaces For Men? Bring It On
Fashion influencer Pelayo Diaz flexes in his pearl add-ons.Image: Instagram (@pelayodiaz)

Genderless clothing, genderless shoes, and now, genderless pearls.

Once a hallmark accessory that women would own and wear, pearl necklaces have found their way into the wardrobes of modern male style setters.

The trend was first spotted in January of this year, as fashionable attendees at the AW20 fashion week shows began sporting pearl necklaces for the street style photographers to clock. Then came Mikimoto’s collaboration with Comme des Garçons, which produced various pearl necklaces designed to be unisex.

Fast-forward to now, and Instagram has all but confirmed that pearl necklaces are a man’s new best friend, after being worn by the likes of influencer Pelayo Diaz (his, doubled up with a grey pullover) and fashion designer Giambattista Valli (his, with a black suit, next to the French president Emmanuel Macron). Now, find your perfect set with these pearl tantalizers.

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