The Glenrothes

Randy Tan And Allison Liu Delve Beneath The Surface To Make Waves

Knowledge has fuelled the founders’ respective journeys, from reinterpreting Asian art to catalysing the cashless movement.

Randy Tan And Allison Liu Delve Beneath The Surface To Make Waves
Randy Tan, CEO and founder of Red Dot Payment

Wired, glutted with content and perennially in a state of flux. We’re living in the thick of an information era, where it’s easy to get snarled up in a saturated digital universe. Information, as Albert Einstein famously pronounced, is not knowledge.

The latter undergirds success, giving individuals true currency, depth and richness of identity – qualities that describe Allison Liu, the founder and executive director of SONG Art Foundation and Randy Tan, the CEO and founder of Red Dot Payment.

Through their tireless quest to distil finer truths, the bold movers have created positive cultural and social impact. They muse over how slaking their thirst for erudition has enriched their lives with complexity, as embodied in the well-rounded The Glenrothes 18 Year Old. Perfected by a coterie of master whisky makers, the pure, painstakingly researched expression gives new meaning to the phrase ‘separate the wheat from the chaff.’

Allison Liu: Strokes of genius

Randy Tan: Simplifying digital payments

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