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Stay Fabulous While Staying In

Because wearing the same pyjamas all day every day is going to get pretty boring after a few weeks.

Stay Fabulous While Staying In
Christopher Kane

The pandemic’s devastating effects are real, and who knows when it’s going to end? While we do our part to flatten the curve at home, it’s a chance for us to do a much-deserved, luxurious upgrade of our humble abodes—and our wardrobes. Here are our luxurious picks for fashionable and comfortable style at home.

01 | Have your own Naomi moment with a Burberry cape.

Naomi Campbell has become the Internet’s patron saint of Coronavirus protection thanks to her now-viral video. On her way home to New York, she donned a 3M hazmat suit, latex gloves, goggles (as advised by fellow supermodel Linda Evangelista), boots, and of course, the infamous Burberry cape, which she apparently immediately disposed of upon arrival. (Maybe skip that last step though.)

(Image: Burberry)

02 | Get yourself a luxurious pair of Gucci patent gloves, which protects you from surface contact.

While WHO has declared that Coronavirus is not airborne, it does stay on surfaces. If you’re not satisfied with wearing perfectly serviceable latex gloves or feel guilty taking up supplies that are meant for doctors at a time like this, give your means of protection a high fashion upgrade instead. In all seriousness, please keep yourself and your surfaces at home clean.

(Image: Gucci)

03 | This Balenciaga robe screams “learned” and sophisticated.

With all this leisure time, you should probably catch up on your reading, or at least dress like you’re going to do it. From Diderot to C.S. Lewis, every great writer has been iconically portrayed in a decadent robe, and this velvet suit — top and bottom sold separately — is a suitable parallel. Wear it all day. Have some wine. (Just try not to spill any.)

(Image: Balenciaga)

04 | A silk slip-on by Skin is great for your skin.

Silk satin is great for sleep, because it reduces the friction that occurs when you move about your bed. And on top of improving your rest quality, this piece is ideal for your quick sunbath right after you get up in the morning. When this self-quarantine situation is over, you can wear it out for drinks just by pairing it with some heels. The straps are adjustable, by the way!

(Image: Skin/Net-A-Porter)

05 | Hoodies are a must-have in this situation.

It’s so cozy it feels like a hug. Whatever bum state you’re in at home after days being trapped inside, a good hoodie elevates your look, and demands very little to no maintenance. Plus, they’re practical and hide your goods (which can be necessary when you’re not wearing a bra all week and need to get the door).

(Image: Acne Studios)

06 | Just wearing a bra at home could work — if it’s by Alexander Wang.

It can get hot when you’re running around the house, especially when the air conditioning is turned off. But something this sporty and elastic is comfortable, even when it gets a little steamy. And hey, it’s sleek, chic, and there has never been a better time to explore athleisure. Wear it to your next fitness session if things are back to normal.

(Image: Alexander Wang)

07 | Anything from Tôteme goes a long way, and every woman looks chic in an oversized striped shirt.

Some of us who are #WFH (working from home) are constantly on video calls, so pyjamas are not always an option. At the same time, dressing up when you’re at home can feel like overkill when you don’t have much going on, so it’s good to have garments that kill two birds with one stone. A relaxed shirt like this looks great, feels comfortable, and still gives off professional vibes.

(Image: Tôteme)

08 | It’s 2020. Pyjamas come in all sorts of styles. Like this one by Sleeper with feathered trim.

Feathers are always fun, and they are trendier than ever — or at least they were before we had to lock ourselves indoors. This particular set is relaxed and made of crepe de chine, making it airy and comfortable at any time of day. Wear them together for a cohesive ensemble, or mix them up with other tops and bottoms for more versatility.

(Image: Sleeper/Net-A-Porter)

09 | Proenza Schouler Birkenstocks for cooking, cleaning, and the extremely few, absolutely-necessary times you have to leave the house.

In hot, sunny Singapore, Birkenstocks are typically worn outdoors. But take it from the Germans, who usually wear them indoors with socks. There’s something about wearing luxurious items that makes you be careful and clean more than usual. Try them and see the effect on your home. And not to worry, Birkenstocks are forever — even after the pandemic is over, when you’ll be making full use of these chic sandals. The highly-coveted collaboration, however, is not, so you better get your hands on them first.

(Image: Proenza Schouler x Birkenstock)

10 | In conclusion, there is more joy indoors than one thinks, according to Christopher Kane. At least for now, anyways.

The ‘More Joy’ designs from Christopher Kane made waves when they debuted on the runway. And now he’s made a fantastic line of home products out of his initial designs, including eye masks, hot water bottles, china mugs, and this cashmere and merino blanket—which would elevate any living space with such nice-sized typography.

(Image: Christopher Kane)

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