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Takumi Artisans Goes For Gold

This newly opened store stocks such refined items tastefully plated in gold.

Takumi Artisans Goes For Gold
Dily Wang, Mina Takaoka and Susanna Han

Walk along the Capitol Piazza and you might be struck by the sleek golden displays at the window of the newly-opened Takumi Artisans.

The brainchild of society maven Susanna Han and makeup guru Dily Wang, this elegant atelier curates modern jewellery, tableware and art pieces, all handmade and plated in gold leaf from Japan’s Kanazawa region.

The products are made by Hakuza, a brand synonymous with the art of gold leaf crafting (kinpaku) in Japan. Hakuza has even restored the Chuson-ji Temple’s Golden Pavilion, a UNESCO heritage site, with its centuries-old techniques.

At the atelier’s launch party, guests tried out skincare imbued with gold leaf, known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and were treated to Instagram-worthy soft serves topped with edible flowers and golden leaves. Trust us, you’d be fascinated too if you stepped into this veritable treasure trove.

Han Seng Juan, Susanna Han, Mina Takaoka, Dily Wang and YC Lim
Doris Lu, Susanna Han and Samantha Low
Linda Soo-Tan
Rebecca Foong
Grace Wong
Lotus Soh
Cherie Lim
Allison Chee and Susanna Han

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