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The 5 Best Restaurants To Have (Or Take Home) Your National Day Dinner

Whether you’re looking for dinner with a view of the fireworks, or an intimate meal at home, here are our 5 favourite menus to commemorate Singapore’s 55th birthday.

The 5 Best Restaurants To Have (Or Take Home) Your National Day Dinner

National Day is here, and while we’re bummed that we won’t be able to celebrate the occasion with the usual conviviality, we’ve got the next best thing: food. Here are our top five places to enjoy your National Day dinner — whether you prefer to dine in, or take it home.

01 | Skai

Skai finally reopens its doors with a glorious National Day special. Located on the 70th floor of Swissôtel The Stamford, you’re guaranteed an excellent view not just of the fireworks in the evening, but of the Parade at Padang, the daytime segment of the National Day Parade.

The restaurant has two separate menus for National Day: a sumptuous morning tea menu filled with savouries like salmon sandwiches, Madagascar vanilla scones and kueh pie tee crafted with King crabs, and a four-course dinner set menu headlined by striploin steak and blue lobster.

02 | Birds of a Feather

Rather stay in for the weekend? Let the good food come to you. Modern Sichuanese resto Birds of a Feather has a specially curated set menu for delivery, featuring some of its best hits, like their rendition of the classic firecracker chicken and some homemade brown sugar boba tea.

The set is exclusively available on the new Oddle Eats platform, where you’ll also find a bevy of other delights up for delivery. (Because what better way to celebrate August 9 than to #supportlocal?)

03 | Kin

For thoughtful local cuisine that balances elevated with traditional, look no further than Kin. Helmed by the inimitable Damian D’Silva, Kin has created a special dish for the festivities: for their special Heritage Hokkien Mee dish, D’Silva revived an original recipe that dates back to the 1900s (and predates hokkien mee as we know it today) for the occasion. 

You’ll still have your thick yellow noodles in a hearty, complex gravy — flavoured with a smorgasbord of aromatic delights like scallops, pork bones and prawn shells — all served up with some delectable pork slices and fresh seafood. Aside from the special dish, be sure to pick out some of Kin’s signatures, like their Babi Masak Assam and Hakka fried pork.

04 | Level 33

National Day just isn’t complete without fireworks, so it’s just as well that Level 33’s special National Day Platter comes with a gorgeous view — and a side of pyrotechnics. Tuck into Hainanese chicken sliders, glazed Ibèrico pork satay sticks, and sambal stingray, all while you enjoy unblocked views of the Marina Bay skyline. 

While you’re there, you can even try out some of Level 33’s craft beer cocktails: the Lima, made from the microbrewery’s 33.4 House Porter, Brass Lion dry gin, elderflower syrup and lime juice, promises to be the perfect pairing for the National Day Platter.

05 | Capella Singapore

If you’re looking for a dose of escapism (and if fireworks and fanfare aren’t really your thing), then Capella Singapore will whisk you and your beau away for a lovely evening, all set against the backdrop of the South China Sea.

Satiate your dim sum cravings at Cassia, which offers an exclusive lunch and dinner set menu for this weekend only, featuring mouthwatering barbecue platters — think spiced, roasted Yorkshire Avinyó pork belly and honey-glazed barbecued char siew — along with the restaurant’s signature double-boiled superior soup with lobster claw dumpling, and other classic delights. Later, head over to Bob’s Bar for the special Straits Punch cocktail, and for the gorgeous view.

Capella Singapore

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