Happy Father's Day

These Dedicated Daddies

Reflect on their best memories and what it means to be a father

These Dedicated Daddies
Three's A Company With Adrian's Angels

01 | Adrian Ong, founder of lighting specialist E-Lume

“One of my favourite memories as a dad so far: spending a very treasured and unforgettable Father’s Day in 2019 with all three of my daughters in the same school, at the same time! How many fathers out there can do the same?”

A grateful note from eldest daughter Allyssa Ong to Adrian Ong, here with her twin sisters Gemma and Faye Ong.

02 | Arael Boo, co-founder of a bird’s nest processing and wholesale company

“With them, I have boundless love and motivation, which are the ammunition that keep me going.”

03 | Jaacky See, managing director, New Funnels

“Running 🏃‍♂️ after them as toddlers, even till now — it is not easy to be a father, but we do because we love 💓 them.”

There’s always fun and laughter at the household of the See family: (from left) Johannes, Jaacky, Meaghan, Maria and Samuel See.

04 | Terence Siew, first vice-president, senior banker

“A father should be his son’s first hero and his daughter’s first love.”

Terence Siew and Chermaine Pang having fun with their twins, Lucas and Leia Siew

05 | Thomas Hartono, resort developer consultant

“To me, this is one of the quotes that most accurately reflects what a father feels: A father holds his child’s hand for a short while, but holds his child’s heart forever.”

It’s always fun when everyone’s game in the Hartono family (from left) Nathan, Thomas, Nydia, Jocelyn and Norman Hartono.

06 | Stephan Tan, entrepreneur

“When we were young, we all thought that our fathers are Superman. But when we grow up, we realise he’s just a regular guy who wears a cape so that we can have greater dreams and fly further than they did. As a father, my greatest wish is for my children to fly further and soar higher than I ever did.”

Winter memories in December 2018, when Stephan Tan bonds with his kids Sylvester, Siobhan and Chloe Tan, together with wife Florence Neo on Mount Titlis, Switzerland.

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