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This Machine Can Make You Healthier—And Slimmer

Redustim claims to be able to reduce the amount of visceral fat in our bodies.

This Machine Can Make You Healthier—And Slimmer

The battle of the bulge is neverending. In fact, we would argue that it’s gotten even worse. Even given today’s crossfit/F45/barre/yoga/lifting-obsessed population, there are countless beauty treatments that claim to be able to help you sculpt and shape your body. Freeze your fat, microwave your cellulite (we are not kidding), firm up sagging areas—the list goes on. But until now, there has never been one that could reduce the fat that truly mattered—visceral fat.

Visceral fat, sometimes called abdominal fat, is the fat that surrounds the organs in our bodies (also called viscera—hence viceral). It is different from subcutaneous fat, which is the fat layer under our skin that jiggles and causes cellulite. How do you tell the difference? Well, if you can pinch the fat, it is subcutaneous. And because visceral fat is deposited in the abdominal cavity, people with high levels of viseral fat often have larger waistlines—a beer belly, if you will.

While you may think that subcutaneous fat is the less desirable one, you would be wrong. According to Harvard Health Publishing, high levels of visceral fat is directly linked with higher total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol, lower HDL (good) cholesterol, and insulin resistance—which is in turn linked to type 2 diabetes. Long story short, high levels of visceral fat are extremely unhealthy.

In fact, individuals with the same body fat percentage may face different health risks depending on whether their fat is mainly subcutaneous or visceral. Even people who are relatively slim can be at risk if they have elevated visceral fat. We might sometimes call these people “skinny fat”. This concern over visceral fat is also why Singapore’s Health Promotion Board states that individuals with waist sizes of above 90 cm (for men) and 80 cm (for women) may be at risk for adverse health outcomes.

The usual methods for getting rid of visceral fat are simple: diet and exercise. And unlike liposuction or fat freezing for subcutaneous fat, there is no other way to remove visceral fat—until now, that is. A new technology called Redustim has emerged that supposedly helps to diminish levels of visceral fat and flatten the dreaded beer belly. And as a plus, the treatment is touted to also help to reduce water retention and slim the body overall.

How It Works

To sum it up in one sentence, Redustim uses biomagnetic technology to achieve lipolysis.

More specifically, it uses a low-frequency but deep-penetrating magnetic field to set off imperceptible muscular contractions within the body. The muscles that receive this stimulation are largely smooth muscles, which can be found in some organs, and cannot be voluntarily controlled. The stimulation causes these muscles to consume energy in order to contract, which then encourages the breakdown of the surrounding fat cells. The broken-down fat cells are then naturally eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system.

The treatment also has a secondary controlled massaging action that enhances lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins and metabolic waste, which means that it can also help to reduce water retention.

According to Redustim, individuals who undergo 12 sessions can drop up to two dress sizes, or an average of 6.1cm (2.4 inches) in the waistline—not bad, right? For best results, patients should undergo at least two treatments per week. Each treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

Dr Lam Bee Lan and her team of therapists.

The Experience

I have had experience with numerous slimming treatments before, and I have to say that Redustim was by far the most interesting and the most comfortable. I underwent the treatment with the guidance of Dr Lam Bee Lan, the owner of Ageless Medical and Ageless Medi-Aesthetics. She and her highly-trained team of therapists are trusted and well sought-after, even by some local celebrities.

At the beginning of each Redustim session, you are asked to change into a long-sleeved top, full-length leggings, and socks. This is for hygiene purposes, as the Redustim treatment actually involves your entire body being enveloped in a giant inflatable bodysuit, which (as you can see above in the main picture) resembles the bottom half of an astronaut’s spacesuit. And yes, you will need the therapist’s help to get strapped in.

Once the treatment begins, pockets in the suit will start to fill with air. Once they reach peak inflation, they will begin to shrink and re-fill with air; the sensation is not unlike that of a robust massage chair gently kneading your muscles. The whole treatment is in fact so comfortable that you will likely fall asleep for the entire 30 minutes. I certainly did.

Once I emerged from the inflated cocoon, I felt mildly sweaty—but also oddly satisfied. The sensation is hard to describe, but my body felt similar to how it usually does about a half-hour post-exercise, when I have cooled down. My muscles are not straining, and I am not breathing hard, but I feel oddly energetic and upbeat. This could be a placebo effect, but it is pleasant nonetheless.

The only downside is that for about four to six hours after the treatment, you must refrain from eating all carbohydrates and sugar. This means no rice, no potatoes, no fruit, and certainly no dessert. If you want any, you have to have it before the treatment begins, or at least four hours after.

The Results

While it is impossible to say for sure how much Redustim reduced my visceral fat (because the only way to measure it is by using CT scans or an MRI), my waist did drop by about 3 or 4cm after completing the 12 sessions. The measurements in my other limbs did also drop by a few centimetres here and there, particularly in my thighs, which is where I carry most of my body fat (and possibly have the most water retention).

This reduction was despite the fact that I made absolutely no effort to reduce my food intake whatsoever, and was eating sweets and desserts at least once every other day—perhaps even every day. I made sure to avoid the four- to six-hour no-carb period, but other than that, I more or less ate how I would normally. There was no reduction in body weight, but this was fine, as none had been promised.

And now, several weeks on, I am pleased to say that the results have persisted, with no bounceback.

Overall, I would say that I am satisfied with the results that Redustim has provided. I really appreciate that this is a treatment targeted more towards the health of a participant than the aesthetics—although it is certainly effective for that as well.

In addition, the fact that this treatment is targeted towards visceral fat and health means that people who would normally not go for slimming treatments might find it a compelling proposition. Men with beer bellies and who have related health issues, for instance, could possibly benefit from reducing some of their visceral fat. After all, Redustim is much easier than undergoing a strict diet and exercise routine. And even if you are leading a healthy lifestyle, there is no harm in burning a little more (visceral) fat.

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