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Tradition As We Know It Is About To Change, Thanks To Philipp Plein

Fashion’s enfant terrible rewrites the rules of party dressing to make your festive countdown more meaningful this year.

Tradition As We Know It Is About To Change, Thanks To Philipp Plein

Tradition, while part of the appeal of festive get-togethers, can lull many into a false sense of regularity. Sometimes, it’s just more memorable to pull off a surprise or two, especially if they are sartorial ones.

Meeting new friends and making new memories, after all, can be difficult if you are wearing the same outfits, in the same way. Clothes to party away in inevitably involve a dress — usually in black or red or gold, and ornate embroidery or jacquard optional — or a suit. It’s so safe but so unexciting.

And Philipp Plein wants to make festive dressing more fun for you with his FW19 offerings. The German designer’s Space Cowboy collection is a futuristic interpretation of the wild west, serving up edgy streetwear, razor-sharp tailoring and an unabashed love for theatrical embellishment and exaggeration.

It shows up in his juxtaposition of a floor-length ball skirt with a simple black sweatshirt, or in a tartan-printed tuxedo jacket he covered in matt sequins for added sparkle. Accessories, meanwhile, range from distressed sneakers for men to playful fringed handbags for the ladies. The look is confident, bold, and completely your own.

To Make An Impression That Lasts And Lasts

Philipp Plein doesn’t just create clothes to slay the party; his pieces are infused with a dapper sensibility for making an unexpected statement.

For Her


Rock it Anglo-esque with a trench coat or shawl-collared dress, or channel the spirit of punk rebellion in a tartan jumper. All you need are the right accessories and a substantial dose of attitude.

Rhinestone T-Shirt

Rarely considered beyond “smart casual”, the humble tee has been elevated by Plein, who cleverly turns it into a party staple by styling with a cheeky miniskirt or gorgeous velvet tuxedo.

Big Belts

When every other woman in the room is trotting out her most expensive jewels, go one up with an oversized belt. Better yet, throw together several saloon-style belt buckles in varying sizes for insouciant effect.

For Him

Puffer Coat

Nothing makes a grander entrance than a tuxedo — with a metallic puffer jacket over it. Sure, it may not serve any practical purpose, but who’s dressing for function? Saunter in and start collecting those compliments.


One of Plein’s specialities is uber-luxurious athleisure. Ditch the boring white-shirt-under-jacket combo, and switch to a sparkly hoodie and track pants for your comfort-meets-celebration look.


Plein’s exposition of fluoro yellow comes in a suavely-tailored sequinned dinner jacket. For those inclined to something more subtle, pair a day-glo yellow turtleneck with a white suit.

Philipp Plein is located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, L1-66 Bay Level and B1-146 Galleria Level

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