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3 Minutes With Philipp Plein, Fashion’s Enfant Terrible

“I let my work speak for me.”

3 Minutes With Philipp Plein, Fashion’s Enfant Terrible

Philipp Plein has been the subject of no little controversy. He began his career as a lawyer, but soon decided to start his own company specialising in luxury dog beds. Now, 20 years on, Plein has become somewhat of an enfant terrible of the fashion world, intent on storming its pearly gates.

His fashion shows are as much spectacle as showcase, with past shows featuring full-scale rollercoasters, monster trucks, explosions, and Jet Ski jousting—and we haven’t even mentioned the celebrity performances (some of which were more successful than others). Naturally, his clothes are as flamboyant as the shows suggest—leather, sequins, and skulls galore.

Critics have said that Plein doesn’t take fashion seriously enough, but considering how flush his fans have made him, we don’t think he much minds. But you don’t have to believe us—just ask the man himself.

Philipp Plein

There has been much said about you in the media recently, but little of it comes with words from you. So who exactly is Philipp Plein?

I am a businessman and a hard worker! Sometimes, I like to define myself as a dream chaser, too. And I don’t really care about rumours or what people say, I just care about my customers.

This industry is tough, it’s like a slice of pizza that nobody wants to share with a new brand. It was hard to enter the market and it’s challenging, of course, to keep on growing as we do. My brand reflects my taste and my lifestyle, I don’t pretend to be something or someone I am not and my customers are part of my world too. This is the key to my success, I am young and growing with my brand as well as my customers.

You have an unusual background for a fashion designer. What led you to the fashion world, and where do you derive your inspiration from these days?

It’s a very long story, but I can say that it happened by chance. I never thought I would have become a fashion designer. I studied law and then launched a design brand, the rest is ‘history’.

Philipp Plein is celebrating 20 years this year. How has the brand evolved?

The brand is growing with me, it evolves year by year and I keep expanding in new markets, such as Singapore. We recently opened an amazing store at Marina Bay Sands and I am super proud of it. A dream came true. 

Philipp Plein’s store at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

What brought you to launch your new store in Singapore?

I love Singapore and Marina Bay Sands was for sure the first location I would have ever dreamed of. We finally found the right spot and the best partner to develop here, so here we are then!

What about the Singapore fashion customer resonates with Philipp Plein?

Asia and South Asia are vibrant and very selective in their fashion choices. Singapore is one of the most high-end spots in South Asia and we are delivering the best for the best!

You have quite a few detractors who speak negatively of you and your brand. What do you have to say to them?

Nothing. I let my work speak for me.

What’s next for Philipp Plein?

I will launch my first fragrance in 2020 and it’s gonna be epic. The juice is made by one of the most relevant ‘noses’ in the perfumes industry and it’s the epitome of Philipp Plein. Luxurious, rock and catchy. 

The new Philipp Plein store can be found at L1-66, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

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