A 24-Night Pilgrimage to Peace

Hosted by a master Tibetan monk, Aman’s Journey to Peace might just have all the answers.

A 24-Night Pilgrimage to Peace

When it comes to travel trends, wellness remains at the top of the list, and for good reason. As our lives get busier, our holidays serve as much needed way for us to recharge. But there’s only so much a short getaway can do.

If you’re looking for more sustainable ways to cope with your daily stressors, Aman’s upcoming Journey to Peace promises to help you find that elusive inner peace — or at least teach you some helpful techniques to calm your mind.

The 24-night retreat is split up into four legs, covering some of Aman’s most serene retreats in Indochina. Tibetan Bön master, Geshe YongDong, will lead the entire retreat, guiding guests in their daily meditations, and hosting daily sessions with each guest.

“There are gaps in our minds and hearts, gaps that can’t be fulfilled by external things,” says Geshe YongDong, who attained the highest degree awarded in Tibetan monastic education when he was 24.

He adds: “To feel fulfilled and at peace, you need to focus within you.”

Aside from accommodation and full board (non-alcoholic drinks only, as prescribed by Geshe YongDong), guests can also look forward to daily therapeutic spa treatments and movement classes. 

Beginning October 22, the first retreat takes place on the coast of Vietnam at the Amanoi. It will then head to Phuket’s Amanpuri on November 2, before continuing on to the Amansara on November 12, located near the magnificent ruins of Angkor Wat. Finally, the retreat enters its last leg from November 22 to 28 at the Amantaka, in the UNESCO-protected Buddhist centre of Luang Prabang, Laos.

The itineraries are largely the same across each leg of the retreat, with each day dedicated to focusing on a different aspect.

For example, one day might see guests focus on healing anger, with Geshe YongDong sharing techniques on how practice mindfulness and managing emotions, while another might concentrate on how to let go of attachments.

Several other Aman properties will also be offering their own mini retreats and exclusives; Guests staying at the ultra-exclusive Amankora in Bhutan from November 16 – December 19 will also receive a special blessing from a Buddhist monk.

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