Glam For The Cam

An Earful Of Fashion Earrings For Your Next Zoom Sesh

Snatch focus every single time with the help of some statement-making ear danglers

An Earful Of Fashion Earrings For Your Next Zoom Sesh

Even as circuit breaker measures ease up, the majority of us will still be exercising social responsibility by staying home and catching with our friends over a Zoom call. And apparently, there is merit to dressing up for a webcam session, even if it’s only waist-up.

“If you look at how you are dressed, that signals something about what you are prepared to do,” says Professor Francis T. McAndrew, who teaches Environmental Psychology at Knox College. “If you’re dressed up, in some ways that raises your own opinion of yourself, and you want your behavior and demeanor to match the clothes.”

Hey, if science is telling us to dress up, we’re not going to disagree. One easy way to glam up before you cam up? Throw on a pair of earrings.

Beyond the dramatic designer earrings that fashion brands have been churning out, a pair of statement danglers instantly adds a sense of decorum to your outfit — whether that be a simple dress or a plain t-shirt. Here are five types of earrings we’re dropping into our carts.

01 | The Shoulder Duster

The bigger, the better right? Shoulder dusters, which refer to extra-long earrings that they literally touch the tips of your shoulders, instantly amp up the wow factor, and announces to your fellow cam-mates that you’re not playing when it comes to getting dressed up. Try on Paco Rabanne’s chainmail drapes, or get extra glitter from Saint Laurent.

02 | The Hoop

Hoop earrings have made a big return on the SS20 runways, and with good reason. It’s a classic shape that can always be worn with a variety of styles, for a variety of dress codes. Plus, it also offers a subtler take on the statement earring trend. Choice picks include Versace’s floral loops and Alexander McQueen’s wood-meets-gold combo.

03 | The One-Sider

One-sided things are generally not a great thing, unless we’re talking earrings. From fun shapes like Balenciaga’s quirky little dolphin, to Dynasty-inspired showstoppers from Gucci and Retrofete, these single-sided earrings are fun additions to your accessories drawer.

04 | The Spiritual Awakener

As unlikely as it seems, spiritual and religious iconography seem to be having a bit of a moment right now. At Givenchy, the entire Western zodiac chart gets reinterpreted into earrings (Gemini is featured above), while Begum Khan’s brilliant earrings feature a pair of evil eyes staring back at you.

05 | The Reinvented Pearl

Reimagined pearl jewellery continue to trend this season, as designers find fresh ways of putting their own riff on the classic shape. Chloe’s version features mismatched earrings in a minimalist shape, while buzzy designer Danielle Frankel’s pearls go round and round in multiple hooped tiers.

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