6 Spots To Get Mooncakes Already

Hankering for mooncakes? It may still be a long way until September 21, but these spots have started getting into the spirit of Mid-Autumn Festival early.

Image: The Clan Hotel Singapore

01 | The Clan Hotel Singapore

It may have just opened this March, but The Clan Hotel Singapore is making its presence felt with its debut mooncake collection. Sticking close to the hotel brand’s reverence for Asian heritage and traditions, the quartet of baked mooncakes feature classic flavours — lotus paste with yolk, white lotus paste, green tea and black sesame — and are paired with a tin of The Ritual, an osmanthus-flavoured Tie Guan Yin curated by the hotel.


02 | Raffles Hotel Singapore

The beloved champagne truffle snowskin mooncake may be a signature of Raffles Hotel’s Mid-Autumn Festival offerings by now, but don’t overlook the newly introduced flavours — this year, there’s Da Li rose and strawberry chocolate snowskin mooncake, and Yunnan dark brown sugar and rum truffle snowskin mooncake to look out for. The former takes inspiration from the Da Li rose petal ice cream served at 藝 yì by Jereme Leung, and embodies a delightful balance of sweet, fruity and floral flavours, while the latter combines candied winter melon with a rich and intoxicating rum-infused brown sugar ganache centre. Rounding up the snowskin mooncake selection this year are the Earl Grey tea and pearl, a pairing of tea-infused milk chocolate ganache with crunchy puff cereal, and the sharp, tangy yuzu and osmanthus truffle.


03 | The Fullerton Hotel Singapore & The Fullerton Bay Hotel

The Fullerton hotels are pulling out all the stops this year: From its Cantonese restaurant, Jade, the Fullerton Hotel Singapore presents the Jade Signatures Mooncake Collection 2021, comprising three new snowskin flavours: raspberry Hokkaido milk, rose green tea with pistachio, and osmanthus with wolfberry. Additions to the Fullerton Baked Classics are the oolong tea with cranberries mooncake, and the rose coconut mooncake, which takes inspiration from the rose coconut shaved ice dessert served at Jade. The Fullerton Bay Hotel brings back The Clifford Pier Mooncake Tingkat, a nostalgia-inspired tiffin carrier packed with four baked mooncakes — mixed nuts with satay sauce, salted lotus with ‘hae bee hiam’, Assam lotus with mango, and pandan coconut with chendol.


04 | Regent Singapore

Continuing its tradition of creating alcohol-inspired mooncakes, Regent Singapore launches the Amalfi limoncello and basil snowskin mooncake, made with basil-infused limoncello from the Italian restaurant Basilico, and the Kyoho grape and Kyoto dry gin mooncake containing Ki No Bi gin, presented by Asia’s sixth best bar, Manhattan. Cantonese establishment Summer Palace offers the signature black sesame paste snowskin mooncake once again, along with the goji berries with osmanthus and dried strawberries, and Mao Shan Wang snowskin mooncakes.

And for pairing with this year’s mooncake selection, Manhattan has even crafted two bottled cocktails: Treasure, containing cognac, jujube pear syrup and spiced pear liqueur, and The Assembly, comprising osmanthus-infused Ki No Bi gin, maraschino and orange bitters.


05 | St Regis Singapore

Yan Ting proves that classic flavours are evergreen for a reason. St Regis Singapore’s Chinese restaurant brings back its baked mooncakes: white lotus paste with single, double or four yolks; white lotus paste with assorted nuts and Yunnan ham; and reduced-sugar white lotus paste with macadamia nuts. On the snowskin mooncake front, new flavours to sample are royal milk tea paste with gula melaka truffle, pandan paste with macadamia nuts, and yuzu paste with lemon and citrus.


06 | JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

With Madame Fan creating mooncakes for the hotel, expect the modern Cantonese restaurant to come up with some unexpected flavours that will surprise and delight. New snowskin mooncake flavours to look out for are green apple with soju truffle, pineapple cempedak, milk tea with Baileys truffle, and mocha with chocolate truffle, while the Mao Shan Wang snowskin mooncake and the blueberry paste with chia seed baked mooncake make a comeback. And the two gift box designs available — Blue Blossom and Peranakan Teal — take inspiration from Chinese culture and Peranakan motifs, respectively.


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